DTE Energygas

I requested service from DTE for gas and lights for my property, beginningin September 2018. I was told that they would not turn on service because THEY(DTE) left the service on after a former tenant had requested it turned off, twice and then vacated. In the home there are automatic lights and thermostat. When they neglected to shut the services, they continued for a year unknown to me, with no one living at the property. I and the tenant assumed the services had been shut by DTE. They are refusing to give gas services to warm my home. Now my property had water damage due to the extreme cold temperatures and its impossible to stay in the home. DTEs rep stated that they wanted me to assume responsibility, because they fail to shut the services, it was there neglect of duty that the service was left on, without my knowledge, I want my services on and this matter resolved. They're holding my property hostage unless I claim responsibility.

Nov 29, 2018

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