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Diabolical company!

Don't have driving lessons with them!

This all started months ago.

I paid up front for a block of 10 lessons, I had two no problem and then the instructor cancelled a lesson saying his girlfriend suprised him with dinner-my lesson was at 5! He said he'd contact me to rebook-he didnt.

It took 4 texts a day for a week and the threat of taking it further for him to send me a text asking when he could book me in. I had a 3rd lesson with him and he said he'd ring me the next day to book me in for another to make up for the one i'd missed. He didnt. I sent texts everyday, tried ringing him but he didnt reply. He then sent me a text saying he had a stomach bug and wasnt teaching until he was better.

Two weeks later I ring, the woman on the phone was really concerned and a man rang me back.

He said it was unacceptable etc and he would sort it out for me-baring in mind now I am owed about £70 odd pounds for the four hours outstanding. He said he would ring me last monday-he didnt. I then sent him a text, he then replied and said he was having trouble getting in contact with the instructor in question, but he had done-that day in fact (!) and he had asked the instructor to contact me and rebook the lessons in. He didnt. He then said he was having a meeting with the instructor to find out what was going on as he had had conflicting information (!) the meeting was booked for last thursday. I havent heard anything back.

What do I do now?

I've had lessons cancelled, phone calls rebooking lessons and I have been generally messed about. The instructor informed me that he didnt finish until 10 at night and if I really wanted him to ring me at that time he would-why couldnt he text? I'd get it the next day and reply!!!

I've been patient, understanding, I havent ever messed the instructor about and all I seem to be doing is waiting for the phone to ring because its me that keeps having to chase these people-i'm the victim here!!!

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated but at the end of the day I just want my money back.

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  • Da
      12th of Jun, 2012

    Having dealt with this company in the past I can honetly say that I never had a problem with them. They got me through my test first time and without any problem.

    Are you sure you have the right company as you stated they are in the US?

    Reviews like the one you have logged are often from competing driving schools which is a real shame. Best school in the world if you ask me.

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  • Ch
      28th of Jun, 2013

    Please please please, DO NOT book lessons or buy vouchers from DRIVE2US.COM!!!

    After purchasing a voucher for my girlfriend in Feb 2013, she tried to book lesson in March and after 2 weeks of phone calls, was unable to arrange her first lesson.

    Finally, she managed to contact James (company Director) and arrange a lesson for a Saturday morning. The email confirmation firstly, had the wrong date of the lesson. After confirming the correct date, no instructor arrived. Tried to contact, but as they appear to use an answering/call centre service, there was no-one that could help us on that day.

    It was not until later during the week (after numerous calls) we managed to speak with James, who could only apologise for the "no show" and had no explanation.

    She spoke to an instructor later that same day who stated that he could not of attended her lesson as he was on holiday the day the lesson was arranged for. After another promise to contact her to confirm a date/time for her lesson...48 hours later and still no contact.

    After more calls ( and more messages left for James – who is the owner I think?!?) a refund for the voucher price of £200 was requested on 11/06/2013, as of 27/06/2013, no refund has been processed or received.

    Again numerous calls and emails later and with no response or acknowledgment by phone or email, an email from Louise (their accounts department?!) stated the refund had been processed over a week ago and continue to wait for the refund to appear in my account.

    MORE phone calls and emails to them with no reply or no return of my messages, I had no option but to threaten an application to the Small Claims Court to try and recover my money. Within 20 minutes, an email was received stating that they had sent my money to one of their instructors...although they had supposedly investigated the matter and confirmed the payment had been sent to my bank account.

    They now state that the payment should be returned to my back by tomorrow morning...I will believe it when I see it!!


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  • Ch
      1st of Apr, 2014

    ive had the exact same problem with them

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  • Ha
      11th of Apr, 2014

    I have the same problem - paid up front, then the instructor disappears. Company does not want to know - the most awful customer service ever!!! Do not use

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  • Ma
      28th of Mar, 2015

    My has just booked lessons with this company but with a instructor in northwales, as well paid £200 up front 1st lesson late.2nd lesson canceled last min.3rd boiler broke can't come 5min b4 lesson 4th late stops for fuel food all over his mouth and down his clothes, says my top pupils gets basically better service asks my is that a silk blouse can I have a feel to which she then canceled her lessons then the long hall, so many phone calls no reply spoke to Louise, then nothing spoke to James he seemed he would help call us Monday, no call how many times a boss can't get hold of somebody that works for them is beyond me, we didn't ask for a refund but another driver, they have none in this she should under the circumstances refund her.what a company this is.and more to the point who they employ but can't get hold of, I feel so sorry for her she has 3 kiddies and that was her Christmas money, but they better believe it I will take them to the highest place possible for her, the instructor obviously didn't mind his reputation for £200 silly when he lives round the corner where my friends live don't waste yr money Go elsewhere

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  • Ha
      8th of Oct, 2015

    Just posted this off to them this morning.

    "Good morning,

    Needless to say I am a little disappointed with the service I've received so far from your company. Firstly it took two phone calls and two emails just to have a callback from ‘James’ about the lesson confirmation which I still have not received in writing but I have verbally over the phone.

    I was told by 'James' that my lesson was booked into for today at 1pm but when I called 'Alan' this morning (who I assume is my instructor because I have been left wholly in the dark this entire time) to ask why I'd had a missed call from him, he told me that he hadn't received the email about my lesson until this morning.

    He has told me that he is only free Wednesdays and if I am unable to do that, then I have to wait 2 weeks for a space to free up. He has assured me that he will be getting back to me today after he has spoken to you about this. Hopefully I can be re-assigned to another, more flexible instructor because I can’t keep re-arranging my life to be told I’m essentially wasting my time.

    I am appalled that a company that boasts flexibility, is entirely un-flexible and I'm shocked you would email a lesson booking to an instructor rather than call to ensure they were aware of it ahead of time.

    If I don't hear back by the end of today from you or from Alan himself, then I will be requesting a refund and I will just have to look for another driving school because I can’t believe the hassle I’ve had before I’ve even had my first lesson."

    I am going to take them to the law if I don't get my money back.

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  • Br
      28th of Apr, 2016


    Very unreliable, irresponsible and unprofessional.

    Numerous cancelled and late lessons.

    Manager of the school just doesn’t seem to care.

    2 weeks before my driving test, instructor doesn’t show up and doesn’t respond to my texts or calls. After several days of not hearing from her, I phoned the company explaining my situation and was told manager would phone me. After not receiving callback, I called back later the same day and was advised manager would be made aware this is urgent. Manager texts the same evening saying he’s now out of office so will call the following day in the morning but to explain my situation. I’ve texted manager back as asked, explaining what happened and that I’m meant to be preparing for my driving test booked for less than 2 weeks from now and my money is currently being held by driving instructor so I need to know what is happening urgently.
    No phone call the following day still by 1PM, I've texted back again asking to be phoned. Manager replies not to worry and to text him my address, so once he talks to my instructor he will get another one to contact me. I’ve reminded him again I have driving test on the 5th and that I require a new, reliable and responsible driving instructor at latest before the last day I’m able to cancel my test, in order to assess whether I can prepare in time driving a car I’ve never driven before. I’ve also explained my current instructor has done the SAME THING BEFORE MY LAST DRIVING TEST (when I also phoned company and was meant to receive callback from manager but instead my instructor got in touch assuring me this will not happen again and so I didn’t follow up on manager not phoning me himself) AND I’VE HAD NUMEROUS CANCELLED LESSONS. I have then asked to be called instead of being texted. MANAGER HAS NOT TEXTED OR CALLED BACK AT ALL even after I sent further texts asking him again to confirm whether he’s able to help or I need to cancel my driving test date. My driving instructors texts me instead the following day saying she’s knocked herself out on the stairs and was in and out of hospital entire week and is ready to work part time? All it took was one text to let me know what is happening!
    At this point I have requested a refund. MANAGER didn’t get back to me until this day of course.

    The irresponsible approach from the driving instructor is not surprising when company's manager has rather left the problem with them at cost of me leaving than having to take ownership of it and provide a real resolution himself. That seems to be the company’s culture for you.

    Don’t be fooled by low prices and good reviews, it’s exactly what won me over when choosing this driving school (even though at the time prices were considerably lower than are now). I have been very reasonable and patient with this driving school and I’m not a person who complains but after being treated in this way I would like other people to be aware of who they’re going to be dealing with.

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  • Jo
      5th of Jul, 2016

    Not happy with this company at all! I paid them a lot of money at the beginning of the year to take an intensive course. Alongside this I was promised that their guarantee of passing was so high that if I didn't they would offer me a few more free lessons and a free driving test. Why would I think twice about going with them? So I paid my money and waited and waited for nearly 2 months for them to get back to me about my theory. Every time I called I got through to a receptionist who then told me she would pass my messages on. Did that happen? No!
    They then decide to call me with a test date but still no lessons booked in. It took them nearly 5 months from the point of me paying for them to sort anything out. I can understand that they may be busy but to have no contact at all for that amount of time is ridiculous!
    I did finally do my lessons although I'm still 3 hours short of what I actually paid for and I failed my test on something really stupid.
    So I tried to contact them again. No answer. No call backs? Now denying knowledge of what they promised in the first place to get money I had saved and saved out of my hands!
    I'm guessing they will probably delete this comment but il keep re posting until I get answers and will continue to post on anything on the internet that lets me give this place reviews.
    The only good thing I can say was that my instructor was fantastic. It's just a shame he works for a crap company that likes to take the piss out of people!!!

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  • Re
      13th of Mar, 2018

    As many others have said, this company will take your money and ignore you. They don't turn up, they scam you out of your cash. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

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  • Lo
      14th of Aug, 2018

    Massive Scam of a company. DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH THEM!!! Still in the process of trying to get a refund. I am fully convinced it's a scam when you have 3 lessons over FOUR MONTHS! and then instructor disappears. The office NEVER has anyone to speak with you or call back and they always take a message for the mysterious accounts department. Always chasing some instructor to pay you back when you paid the company directly NOT the instructor. Stay well far away from this company. TOTAL SHAM! you were warned.

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  • As
      24th of Mar, 2019

    I did an intensive course last week in Bristol. Have to say I found the instructor and the company to be excellent from start to finish.
    They booked my theory and practical with me passing at the end of the weeks course.

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