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Am a customer of dream flower projects' neva projects at manakkaparambu road, ponekkara, edappilly-24. During the purchase the owner of the projects mr. Facil, commuted a well tarred road to this flat. From the nearby residents, I came to know that the previous road was well maintained. During this flat construction, its get damaged. But after one year the road is still in pathetic condition.. We need a boat to reach the manakkaparambu road. He constructed the drainage also over the road. Which also make lots of neighbors issues to flat owners like me. Many times they came to our flats and complaints about the drainage and road. I totally lost my peace of mind. When the sold the flat, he never hear our complaints. So my dear friend, before purchasing his new projects visit his past projects and get feedbacks from the owners and neighbors...
My retirement life is spoiled by this company... My investment is now in water like the road...

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  • Ni
      7th of Sep, 2013

    What he says is true and will let you know my experience as a tenant at one of the dream flower housing projects flats / apartment. I have more than enough experience a tenant and in multiple cities throughout India. And this is the worst quality of apartments I have seen in the past 8 years. Moreover these business owner "couple" of dream flower housing projects has no idea about or no regard for construction quality, norms, common sense, usability, comfort, choice and quality of materials, wind, sun and climate study( this is extremely important, disregard this and you can see your dream flower housing projects property rot in just one monsoon season with molds disintegrating windows, frames walls and cracks all over the walls, they will deduct amount from SD for this too ..etc). And they have deducted five figure amount or not less than Rs. 6000 from your deposit amount for their faults and idiocy. You cannot do anything or have any say as you have already vacated from the property according to their advice. And dream flower housing projects have used the worst quality paint on the walls and doors, windows and frames and fittings are of bad quality. The electrical fittings are the cheapest and will break or damage within a month of normal usage. As the experience house owner as said there is no approach road and my car got stuck in mud for four times and of which 2 time I had to call another vehicle to pull my car out and complaints about these were laughed at. Increase in rent every year to maximum legal limit with out carrying out proper maintenance even after informing them multiple times and these normal wear and tear will be deducted from your deposit amount unethically in ten thousands . You can laugh at these dream flower housing projects evil and unethical management / owner couple at their credibility and cry at the new award of Business Icon from a media group without doing their homework.

    My advise
    1) Do not buy their property without checking the quality of dream flower housing projects constructions and it is satisfied by a experienced and certified professional. If you buy dream flower housing projects as a investment blindly, these properties will look like a 20 year old property in just couple of years due to poor quality of materials and without climatic friendly constructions. And then you can kiss your hard earned money sweet good bye.

    2) I will never recommend and strongly advices not to be a tenant at any of dream flower housing projects . Its going to be a headache and you will loose your hard earned money you have deposited with dreamflower housing projects as security.

    Signing off
    Dream Flower Housing Project is now " Nightmare Flower Housing Projects "

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  • In
      22nd of Sep, 2017

    I believe this company, which is building significantly in Kerala, is participating in unlawful business practices surrounding tax evasion as well as cheating buyers, particularly the uninformed and elderly, out of thousands of lakhs for substandard dwellings and faulty maintenance. Several calls to the offices have yielded no responses for faulty amenities, broken fixtures, etc. They charge a maintenance fee but do not complete tasks. They claim there is security for the building but there have been break-ins which have resulted in damaged property. Tax evasion can be summed up to charging clients a certain amount but only reporting perhaps half of their profits to the government. They alter the paperwork in order to accomplish this and have implied that it is normal business practice. For people who are not well-versed in property tax laws they offer a confusing explanation of "how it is done" without alluding to the fact that it may be illegal in any way thereby involving the buyers unknowingly. Please look into their practices. Compare payments to what is written on the paperwork. There you will find the evidence. Many people have most likely been cheated out of money owed and feel they have no recourse.

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