Dr. Richard Ellenbogen / Deformed my face while performing plastic surgery

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I had surgery with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and he ruined my face. Without my consent, he put fat in the sides of my cheeks. I only gave him permission to put fat transfer in the sides of my mouth. My face is uneven, bumpy, and looks horrible. I have told Dr. Ellenbogen of my dissatisfaction, and his solution was another surgery. After the second surgery, things worsened and I looked even more horrible. I never sued Dr. Ellenbogen, but I should have. I have no recorse at this point, but to complain and warn others. He also gave me a forehead lift at age 33 which left me scared and bald. He never disclosed that I would forever be bald in the front of my head.

Ellenbogen also gave me an uneven rynoplasty and again, did not care about my complaint. He has offered me no money for any repair surgery. The before is me with blonde hair and the after is with black hair.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen

Feb 3, 2017

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