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Pune, IN
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I started taking Dr.Batra's treatment from Aundh Clinic, Pune from 26th June, 2016, my patient ID is : [protected]. I paid Rs 15500 for a year long treatment course. First Dr Sneha looked into my case and started treating me. After 4 months of treatment, no results.
Then i was switched to a senior doctor - Dr. Niranjan who tried treating me for 1 month, but no results at all. He then asked me to check with Dr. Anagha Sant in Baner clinic. I went there too, but as it turns out, she was too busy to give me time amidst her other patients. I want to discontinue with Dr. Batra's treatments as I dont see any positive cure in me, however, by consuming so many medicines now, I feel my hormones getting impacted and unsettled.
I called Dr.Batras and asked them to return me my money for remaining almost 7 months. But they refused claiming that there is no such policy.
I need help on this as this is my right being a consumer to get refund on the services that I have not even availed. Had i been paying them in installments, this question would never have arised. Just because they have my money now, I feel like I am trapped. This is an unfair policy against the consumers. I am not asking money for my 5 month treatment, but asking money for the remaining 7 month is my right. Please help me get my refund back.

Dec 03, 2016

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