Dollywoodthe all access picture package.

D Nov 16, 2017

We paid $35 for the picture deal, and we were told that we could give ALL the picture places in the park. We went as a family of 8 so we thought this would be a great idea. We bought it in Santa Land, and used it there fun and a great thing. The next area we go to is a snow globe, and the worker says you have to pay $5 for any of the Christmas stuff. Which in my lies this was wrong, and we were told half the truth to get us to buy it. We went on with our trip. We started riding coasters together so we could have family pictures of us all together. Well, another thing the woman didn't tell us is that none of the camera boths for the rides were open. After, 5 rides we finally get someone to tell us if you know about what time you road the ride they can look it up, and add it to your card later. We are on a family trip 4 adults and 7 children. There was no way we would of done the card if we would of know that most of the booths were not open and we would of knew we had to pay for the Christmas scenes.

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