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My party and I recently visited Dollywood on Monday, May the 1st, 2017. Overall, we were very unsatisfied with our experience at the park due to the following things: before even entering the park, the lady at the gate to check my bag was very short and impolite in her way of telling me to remove it completely off my body. Once inside the park, the Dollywood ride operating staff was very monotone and unpleasant. When attempting to ride some of rollercoasters, (Lightening Rod, Tennessee Tornado, and The Wild Eagle) staff members rudely told us that they were under maintenance, which wasn't communicated to us until after having waited in line. This took up most of our day, and we were unable to ride the rides that we went there for. We proceeded to go to the Grist Mill for highly acclaimed cinnamon bread, (which tasted stale and dry), and were quickly dismissed by the cashier who clearly did not want to give us the time of day. She rolled her eyes when I asked her to charge me for an extra cup of icing and forcefully shoved my purchases in a bag. Because of all these experiences previously listed, my party and I decided to end our day early. On our way out, the tram drivers were unclear about where to get on and where to get off. They yelled excessively over their intercom, specifically directed at my group when we attempted to depart from the tram from the back, just like all of the tram stops before us. Instead, they changed their minds and made us exit via the front, and then proceeded to tap aggressively on their window and point their fingers at us when we tried to get to our vehicle through a gate which was closer then the one they made us unnecessarily walk through instead. My party and I (a group of young female women) felt uncomfortable and toyed with at the actions of these older men. Their actions were inappropriate and uncalled for. Due to the combination of these things, and the amount of money we invested in our negative experience at Dollywood, my party and I do not feel the need to spend our money at this park again.

Thank you for your time reviewing and resolving our concerns

- Jordan Rogers

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May 2, 2017

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