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San Francisco, CA, United States
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The company charged doubled my order and misdelivered my package. It took a week to get back in contact with me. Refunds not yet received.

On may 25, 2013, I purchased three items from the company: a unif nevermind skirt, a unif bustier and a pair of unif hellsea boots. My order, #[protected], was completed with a total of $225.80. My confirmation email, however, stated that my order total was $451.60, and the funds were immediately taken from my account after I confirmed my order.

I contacted dolls kill that evening inquiring if I could have my order cancelled due to obvious website traffic and glitches. A representative, alix, responded on may 28th stating that my order made it through the processing center and they could not cancel it. I could, however, wait until I received my order in the mail and return whatever of my order was doubled - the second skirt, pair of shoes, and bustier. I agreed and told them I would contact them back in regards to returning the unwanted items and in regards to being refunded for half my order.

I waited two weeks for my clothes and nothing appeared in the mail. I sent an email to dolls kill on june 12th upon discovering that my dolls kills account stated that my package was delivered successfully. The package, delivered on may 31st at 12:01 pm, was delivered through the united states postal service and was signed by someone named "c colie" and they confirmed their address to be 727 ten eyck in lyndhurst, nj (which was not the address given for delivery). I called the company as well that same day, and alix confirmed that she would research the package and open an investigation with the united states postal service. If the package could not be retrieved, she stated, she would refund my entire order of $451.60 into my bank account. She confirmed our phone conversation through email on the same day at 4:08 pm eastern standard time.

I emailed alix again on june 17th to check the status of the investigation. She replied june 18th at 12:27 pm eastern standard time stating the following:

"usps has notified us that they are trying to retain this package, they keep contacting us but it's starting t seem like a dead end street. We are waiting a few more days - then we will go from ther in terms of reimbursement, resending you the items, or store credit. Please e-mail us in five business days - so we can close the case with usps."

I contacted alix on june 25th, which was the fifth business day since her email. I received no response. I sent another email out june 27th. Still no response. I called the store's 800 number on june 28th. It went to their voicemail service, and I could not leave a voicemail because there was no option to. I found alix's personal email through the company on the dolls kill facebook page, and emailed her personally to address the situation on june 28th. Still no reply.

On june 29th, I publicly complained about the service I received on the dolls kill facebook page. I received the following response that evening from someone anonymously through the dolls kill page:

"alix is pretty good at getting back at everyone. I'm sure she is in touch with you. Unfortunately, if someone signed for your package, there is nothing we can do except send you a new package."

This contradicted what alix promised me via email. I threatened to post the emails publicly to prove my point. On june 30th at 1:59 pm est, alix replied stating that the company was "busy with their upcoming sale," that she closed the case with usps and that she refunded my account. Over a month later, I have not yet received the funds.

I would also like to note that other customers commented about the company's service on my facebook comment, complaining about the quality of service. Dolls kill deleted all the comments, including my own original complaining about my service, by july 1st.

It has gotten to the point that I had to contact the better business bureau to resolve my refund issue. Dolls kill ignored both notices sent out by the bbb, ultimately closing my case as "unanswered." this company has poor customer service, and when I emailed them in regards to trying to resolve something so I could disregard bbb case, and they said all issues were being handled through paypal. Ironic, because I was never told my refund was taking place through paypal until I contacted them to tell them that the bbb was trying to get in contact with them.

Give your money to nasty gal, karma loop or gypsy warrior. This company doesn't deserve it.

Aug 07, 2013

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