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I'm going to try to be brief because I have just finished writing a long letter to trying to find the names of their executives online is proving frustrating, but I'll get there.

It started with me sending a fax of my proof of insurance. Someone must have misplaced my paperwork and that's where the snowball begins. Since that day in August, I have spoken with approximately 4 people, received an e-mail reply from 1, received more letters and analyzes than I can count and they have taken money out, put it back in, sent me disbursement checks, reanalyzed my account, but it appears that no one knows what they are doing. One person tells me the problem is fixed, then I get more letters, and a call from collections, so obviously the problem is not fixed.

The point is, rather than be nice and put my account back to where it was before one of their employees misplaced my paperwork, they continue to move things around, and the end result is that even though my taxes went down my a few hundred dollars, and I was promised my payment would go down $20 a month, I now receive a letter that all those 'overage' disbursement checks they sent me have now created a 'SHORTAGE' and I now will have to make payments of $14 more than what I originally started with. I think the workers are inept and I am tired of being punished for their numerous mishandling of my account.

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  • Al
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    Yes, it looks like there may be an internal interdepartmental communication problem going on there. The people you were talking to may have been from different departments and if they are not documenting the comments properly on the computer, may not know what the other department told you. I would suggest to get a handle on the situation, request a copy of your full history statement be sent to you. A full history statement will include everything from the beginning of the loan to present. When you receive it you will have a history of all transactions on your account that has ever been made. This way you can see when the problem started. Now when you call them back, ask them to bring up the history on their computer and now you have an equal playing field to follow along as they explain the various transactions in the problem months. I know that you are frustrated, but when you call back, try to have a calm voice and be nice. Usually the first person that you get is the customer service rep. They are verbally abused all day every day and to have a kind voice may be just what they need to go out of their way to help you.


  • Ja
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    Here it is nearly a year later and Ditech is no better off. I applied for a refinance over six months ago. Calls have gone unanswered yet a week ago they charged my bank account $370 for the appraisal. When I finally heard from someone I was told it was a mistake and they would take care of it. They also told me my loan was not approved and blamed it on my HOA for not sending back paperwork. My HOA claims to have never heard from them so when I asked Ditech for the FED EX tracking info I have been met with silence once again. And have the charges been reversed? No. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They are incompetent.

  • Or
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    I agree totally, the story is too long but it is four months now into a refi, and they keep changing what they are looking for and change underwriters who say different things from title an different from loan officer. It is intolerable. If you get admin name and addresses let me know. Impossible to go up the ladder there.

  • Bu
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes - Bait and switch tactics
    United States

    Answered Ditech TV ad. Wanted consolidate our debt in a mortgage. Instead of our credit card debt in the mortgage, put it all on a Ditech MCcard. The interest rate started at 7.9%. After the first year it exploded to 35%. Add the recession and work cutback and we are losing everything. We had perfect credit scores for twenty years. That got us paying 2 points more than advertised rate and no consolidation. All credit card debt still in credit card. $8000.00 to refinance rolled in. We also have 2, yes 2 contracts. The we started with and the one we ended up in. We bit, they switched. By the time we realized how different it was, it was to late to cancel. We could not afford to refinance again. We are now losing everything. Our home of twenty years and all our eggs.

  • Ba
      15th of Apr, 2018
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    Ditech needs a ahake out of their loan representative employees. I have had a situation for two years where ditech owed me 2166. to 2500.00 for a loan payment however, I would contact a representative who would take the time and find the error, however, it was never credited against my mortgage payment. this happened numberous times through out the two years. I finally thought a month ago, I would received the credit against my mortgage payment. a loan representartive and I had went though the account h and she found there was error where I was owed this credit against my loan she had adv ised the mortgage department and I was suppose to receive forms for the error t. I never received these forms. I called a few days back to check on the credit and forms the loan representative who answered my call was rude I advised her that this loansales representative had advised the mortgage department of an error on my account. this rude representative had advised me that this special caring customer representative has resinded her complaint and the rude person stated I was the only one who found the errorr one would suspect this caring person was preasured to change her commitment to a customer further k I requsted the account records to for march 2016, april 2016 may 2016 andjune 2016 send me by email the four statement in
    Question. after reviewing these statement, to my dismay, there was the error in the
    March statement 2166. this 2166. was paid in march 4, 2016, with a different account number and these funds were placed in march 15 to april 15 2016 under funds in suspense. however the statement from april 15 to may 15 2016 the 2166.68 disappeared
    From the march 15 to the april 15 statement. there is no credit on this money with the
    New account. this 2166.68 was never credit because it is lost in the old account number. ditech account number ditech has sent a notice a new account number would be
    Assigned to me.
    june they have credited the may 5/05 2016 and the april 25, 2016 2166.68 payment in june 2016 now, in june 1, 2016. they placed the april payment 2016 2166.68 and the may payment of 2523 95 in suspence one would wonder why this money was not credit sooner. the lost payment credited in march 2166.68 is setting in the old account never credited to
    The new account. ditech needs to credit immediately 2166.68> ditech cannot trust the people who worked on this account for the last tyo years. barbara

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