Direct Energy / did not move my services and starting charging my landlord without me knowing it.

Calgary, AB, Canada
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In the middle of June 2016 I went online and completed a moving form to transfer my gas services through Direct Energy to my new address for July 1st. I did not receive a bill from them, so I assumed that they weren't providing for that area and that my services were being held by Enmax. Having been very ill for quite a while I didn't have the energy or ability to check things as I was exhausted all of the time. I assumed that the Enmax bill that was being emailed to me included my gas charge and I never checked it. Again, this was my responsibility, but due to health reasons I was barely able to get through my work day and not get anything else done. So, on Sunday my landlord finally opened one of the monthly letters that she had been receiving from DE and it contained a bill for nearly $1000. She contacted DE Regulated Services and they had been charging her all along without either of us knowing it. So...she came to my house and posted an eviction notice for non-compliance with paying the household bills. I spent 3 hours on the phone with both companies to try and figure out what the heck had happened. Well, of course, they have no record of my address change and so the utilities went to Direct Energy R.S. instead of reverting to Enmax and me as I had assumed. Now I am in a bitter conflict with my landlord due to DE not processing my change of address and from me being so ill. There was no help or compensation from DE when I told them this. I will never deal with this company again. Ever!

May 9, 2017

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