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Norwalk, CT, United States Review updated:

In September of 2011, I received an email informing me that Direct Buy of Fairfield County had lost their franchise after only 6 months after signing up and paying the $5000. They "graciously" offered to transfer our membership to a club that was more than an hour from our house. My wife and I NEVER would have signed up with a club so far away from where we lived. When I contacted the corporate office I was told, "Fairfield DirectBuy is privately owned and operated franchise. They own your contract and you will need to contact them at [protected] for assistance." Clearly since they were going out of business, this was a "screw you" response. There was never any mention that we were at risk of losing our membership fee due to a franchise going out of business. This is a company I would NEVER do business with again, and I warn all of the readers of this post the same.

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  • La
      May 15, 2012

    When we joined I asked what would happen if the nearby Olympia (WA) franchise were to close for any reason. I was assured I could use the Kent (WA) one should that ever happen. Within months of joining they were both closed with no notice. They were told by corporate they must close, the franchise owner I spoke to was devastated. Now the nearest franchise is 3 hours drive. We tried using their phone in concierge, but you leave a message and might get a call back in 3 days. When working a project we can't wait that long for a response. And of course we can't see the samples, get plans done, or talk to a salesperson unless we drive there. The website is horrible to use and not inclusive of all the products as well as not updated frequently enough. I also found that each franchise uses different vendors. An example is that we were unable to buy the matching garage door we'd purchased through the Olympia store just before it was closed... because the Kenmore franchise doesn't use that garage door vendor. We had to go to the vendor directly to get the match and of course paid full retail for it. What a waste of money! If you are considering doing this, I'd tell you to walk better yet, RUN!

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  • Dr
      May 15, 2012

    You said it. This organization is a total bait and switch. Good riddance I say!

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