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cape town, South Africa
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I applied for a loan. I gave them my details and income. They called me back to say the loan has been approved. The consultant asked me if I want R60000, because that is what I can qualify for. I said I only want R30000. She went through the application and payment and interest and what the repayment on the loan will be, and over how many months the loan repayment will be. She said the amount will be in my account within 5 days. A day later I got a sms that I need to phone them, and I did. I spoke to Anthea in there credit department that want to do a repayment evaluation on me. To my surprise she tells me I only earn+- R19000 and I said I earn R45000. I said I do earn more than that, but that is on average. She said according to them it is only +- R19000 taken over 3 months divided by 3. I said it is impossible, check my bank statements. She said she don't need to that is what I earn and that is that.

I said how can you tell me what I earn and I know for a fact is far more. I just had a vehicle and asset finance with wesbank 6 months before. Having no trouble at all.

On my bank statements they even asked me to circle the amounts, because I do work for myself, what I did do.
I'm so upset, because the manager or who did my application are not competent at all. There are various direct credits going through my account monthly that are actually over R60000 on average monthly.
The service of direct axis are very bad, they take for ever to answer the phones, and the most of all their staff are incapable of doing there jobs that they get paid for.

I had to cancel the loan application, because no-one are prepare to actually go and look on the server to the actual bank statement to verify if they didn't made a mistake. How can you deal with a company, that made a mistake, but their staff are not prepared to correct the mistake.

Jan 31, 2017

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