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Dear DionWired, I bought my LG fridge 5 years ago for export to Zambia. One month ago my fridge stopped freezing and getting cold. i contacted Radian Stores who are the LG authorised dealers and service providers in Lusaka Zambia. They checked the fridge and said the compressor had gone and needed replacing despite it having a ten year international linear inverter warranty on it. i was forced to pay to replace the compressor. the fridge was not freezing after the compressor replacement, again they came back and said there was a blockage. they unblocked the fridge. Everytime they came they welded the back of the fridge. The fridge was drained of gas and re-gassed. the fridge eventually started freezing then stopped. They have now told me the fridge has an internal leak! my fridge never had an internal leak to begin with. All their welding and brazing has caused this leak. they are not interested in assisting me. i have my receipt as a warranty. i am therefore asking for a replacement of my fridge. i am extremely upset about this. i have taken good care of my fridge. i look forward to your feedback.

i have failed to attach the receipt and email correspondence because of the file format.

pls contact me on [protected]


Michelle Buratto

Oct 23, 2017

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