[Resolved] Digital River / nvidia titan x

Haugesund, NO

Purchased two nvidia titan x cards on monday the 27th of november. After 5 days the cards are still not sent even though nvidia store says they are. Shipper has no data about a received shipment. This is a 25 998, - nok scam. Why are digital river taking my money but i am not getting my graphics cards?

Invoice number: gcinno990660573mvano2016000000086054
Order number: [protected]

This was supposed to take 1-3 days now 5 days and still nothing happening on shipping side. Nvidia say the cards are in stock.

  • Resolution statement

    After days of calling and trying to make people involved understand the problem Nvidia finally acknowledged that the cards were not sent. Now they are on their way.

Dec 02, 2016

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