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To whom may concerned, I was trying to purchase a product on diesel online store directly since I can't find it in the store so I have no other choice. I placed my order on July 23rd, 2009 and got an confirmation email back right after that telling me my order is placed successfully. I chose the standard shipping to save money so I just waited for a week until last Friday I still received nothing. Therefore, I went to their web site on the function to track my order status but it is not helpful at all. On that section, it just gives me a brief summary of my order (sort of breakdown on the cost of product, tax, shipping). It doesn't tell me what is going on of my order. Then, I sent an email to the customer service of Diesel online store to check. They are telling me my order is in pending status due to the payment of my debit card. But I am sure I have enough amount, and I just used the same credit on Monday (July 27th)on Virgina America web site for air ticket it goes through without any problem. I don't understand how come the Diesel Online store claimed it is in pending. They requested me to provide two things in order to take action on my order. 1) To provide them transaction authorization code from my bank. 2) To scan them copy of my debit card front and back. First, I contacted my bank right away regarding to this. But what I get replied is surprising me. The banker told me their store never request to charge from my account. It shows no record on their side. If there is no request how could I get any transaction the store request?? Second, they has no right to request me to provide them a copy of my debit card. I never hear about I need to provide merchandise band card copy in order to complete a purchase. I pay it off right away from my checking account I am not in an installment plan or something. I really don't feel comfortable for that. I waited for a week but no one from the Diesel Online Store inform about me my order status is on hold or what's happening to it. I gave them every my contact information telephone number and email address. I think the Diesel Online Store service is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. It is a gift for my friend not for myself. I waited for a week planning to give my friend a surprise. Now this whole thing made me miss the important day. They even said I have to do either of two or my order will get cancel. I even have copy of their email of reply to me if is needed. I tried to contact the customer service by phone today to file a complaint. But what I get back is they refer me to payment center. Such a big company but it doesn't have a complaint department. I think this store is really not responsible at all.


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