Diamonds Internationalcredit card information stollen by employee

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My boyfriend and I purchased a ring at the diamonds international in cozumel, while sailing on the carnival legend. After attending a jem seminar on the ship we decided to look at the diamonds international store. We were assured that we would get a great deal... We decided to buy the ring.
The "port shopping" person that held seminars on the ship, etc. Was in the store with us at the time of purchase. So I felt like there was nothing to worry about. When we got home, a week later more than 2, 400 was charged to our card that was used at the store. All charges were for stores in the mexico area. This was the one and only tijme we used the card the entire trip.
Dont purchase anything from this company. They did not run our card in front of us. There is a small room in the center of the store... They said they were filling out paper work on the ring. We actually had to ask a couple times for the card... We needed to board the ship. The carnival "shopper" that was with us even had to say they need their card and paperwork. Looking back. I realize they were writing writing down the info on the card, and checking the balance on the account. I've called carnival and they are doing an investigation.


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      Jan 29, 2013

    Contact the FBI in New York City and report Diamonds International and or their credit card bank if included in the scam. Diamonds International is being investigated. We as American Citizens need to flood the FBI and out state senators to help put this company down and have the owners indicted. Report this issue with all document or at least your complete story When DI goes to trial you want your name added to the list. There is powers in numbers so let give the FBI as much documentation as possible to put the owner, Albert Gad on trial. We have many of the names of their employees who will be included and indicted and some of their own are jumping ship and supplying information to the FBI.

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      May 26, 2014

    Bought a diamond at DI in Cozumel a few days ago while on a Caribbean Princess Cruise. DI ruined my ring while sitting the stone. I talked to the manager of the jewelry store on the ship and she didn't seem to care. I will be contacting DI tomorrow.

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      Aug 07, 2015

    I upgraded my ring. I had my original diamond added to a pendant and purchased a new diamond. I think it looks great and was securely set as I had it checked by a jeweler. Unfortunately, true to all of the reviews, the Diamond's quality is no where near the appraisal they gave us. The diamond they mounted us now being remounted as they merely ship oddities it to my other diamond. I was asked by the jeweler if I could get a refund on my stone and did not even realize I had recourse. Advice? What am I supposed to do? The charge id on our credit card and a ten diamond band we signed an agreement to pay for over twelve months. How do we render a complaint and get a refund or a discount on what we paid?

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