Diamond Resorts Timesharecan't get rid of timeshare

I'm stuck with a timeshare that is worthless to me and I now can't afford it, it is a huge headache to try to pay and I can't afford to use it, that amount of points that they sold me, I can't even get anything for it as in a weeks vacation. I do not owe anything on the timeshare, I only have to pay the yearly fee and that has tripled since I bought it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saint John, IN Its the most stupid thing I have ever done, they got us when we were on a very nice vacation and we never had a clue what these timeshares really meant. From the first to the end the salesman never told us the truth, but only what he could tells us was lies. Nothing that was told to us was true, it's useless and I need to get rid of this, it's a scam and these people should not be able to pressure vacationers and get them when they are vuanerable. Please reply and help me, Carolyn ( [protected]

Jan 25, 2015

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