Diamond Resorts Internationalunethical behaviour/fraud

We were required to attend a presentation to review our file, so as to help us better use our points and other features provided by DRI. We had purchased a "Sampler" about a year ago and all the promises made at that time were incorrect(lies). We have gone to at least 3 other presentations between that time and this last one. At this last one at Riviera Beach and Spa Resort we were met by Bruce Collins(real name?) told him that we were not interested in upgrading our points and again complained of our displeasure with the "Sampler" we had purchased. He said let me have you talk to Jaime(Madden?). Jaime took us to her office, we told her our story, she said we should never been sold that Sampler and that she had the authority as a salaried manager to make right. She told us she could not refund the purchase price but could convert the Sampler points to regular annual points at the price reserved at the time of original sale. This was fine with us and she went on to explain that it was mostly paper work and couldn't understand why no one had done this before. She went on to explain further that this transaction would need to go through Escrow and because of that there needs to an exchange of funds. If we would again pay the $3995.00 with our credit card it would be refunded after escrow was completed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dana Point, CA The sale will look like a new contract and any additional funds over the $3995.00 would be paid with the equity we have in our current portfolio. In addition to that our "Maintenance Fees" would actually go down, from about $2800 to $2600.00. Jaime told us when we went to sign the new loan document papers not to say anything to the processor as it will only confuse them and complicate the transaction.
Needless to say, the whole transaction was a fraud and we ended up not getting our $3995.00 refunded and signed a real contract for and additional $17, 719.00. When we questioned Riviera Beach and Spa Resort we were informed that they have never had a Bruce work for them and that Jaime was no longer with them. Quality Assurance Officer, Krista Brown, said she would review the file and get back to us that day or the next. That did not happen. When contacted again she said she was waiting for Manager Richard Brocksmith to return from vacation. Approximately a week later Mr. Brocksmith returned our call. His response is that we are just suffering from "Buyers Remorse" and that he is looking at a signed contract.
Bruce and Jaime walked us through this whole scenario and lied at every point. We walked in there only looking to fulfill our obligation to attend a presentation and were defrauded into a upgrade contract we don't want under the guise of helping us with a small problem we were willing to live with.

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