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Diamond Resorts International / unfair business practices

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 8002797764

I purchased a timeshare with points I could use every year. I was told the fees would total less than $800 a year when I purchased the week. I have received bills in excess of $1300 and when I requested an accounting of taxes and fees to try to understand why the charges were so much than I was quoted at time of purchase, no one responded to my written communication even though I have documentation that shows my correspondence was received. There is no control over how much you will be charged once you purchase one of these units. The sales people will tell you anything to get you to purchase and you have no recourse. If you refuse to pay the huge fees, your credit will be ruined. It took me two months to get the phone number I have included so I could talk to someone who was no help what so ever. Stay away from this company as their business practices are horrible and you will be SORRY. Once you purchase you are stuck. The properties are never filled and some of them are old and in less than great condition and you can stay at them for a fraction of what you will pay in fees if you purchase.

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  • Di
      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    Hi all

  • Va
      23rd of Dec, 2010
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    I'll keep telling those looking in to a life with any time share or exchange company, RUN do not drink the cool-aid, it is 2nd grade math and it does not take 90 minutes to explain

    $15, 000/week owned (or more) for your points
    $ 1, 200/year/week owned (and more guaranteed as time goes on)
    20 years @ $1200.00 is another $24, 000.00 ( most people will only be able to vacation for about 20 to 25 years and not necessarily consecutively)

    so now you take your total investment in your vacation ownership
    15, 000
    24, 000

    39, 000 or about $2000.00/week (Just for your accomodations)
    or $285.00 a night

    Now go to Expedia, Travelocity or whatever your favorite travel site and see what you can book and some of those properties you can book online are the same ones that DRI manages along with RCI and other exchange companies and you wont be beholden to just one company for you vacation needs. Example we just recently stayed in Sedona, Az at a nice place for 150.00/night. I have always been able to get a room from one of the online travel sites previously mentioned.

    The Timeshare Industry has begun to self implode, people are giving away their timeshares because they do not work the way the 90 minute presentation sells it. Save yourself and your family the money and misery of being stuck with one company and their limited (and often not available) choices.

    My two cents


  • Va
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    I think they are beginning to see this is a battle they are going to Loooooose!!! I have word two resorts in Hawaii have now beaten them off the board and taken back their resorts from DRI. There is another resort on Maui that is also beginning to get vocal too. I smell smoke DRI is that you going down in flames? What a site that will be, a historical moment I would think.

    Patty ol boy have not heard from you in a while, remember the rip cord is on the left and remember to tuck and roll when you hit the ground, oh and running might be good too... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 I think just might be your year...

    Chief Value Officer

    P.S. to the Rest of you DRI HATERS Happy New Years and may God bless effort you put forth to exposing the TRUTH about DRI

  • Di
      20th of Mar, 2011
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    Hi all
    Some good news from the UK. eg - TCA
    " Kings Ransome Holidays (Peachy Leisure) yesterday took a large number of its Members to Court in Manchester. Kings were attempting to claim back management fees and other monies from said Members.The Judge STRUCK out every claim, and told Kings they were liable for ALL defence costs, and ALL Legal costs."
    It seems the LAW does not like scamming timeshare! It also just so happens that this company had the same contract type as the company for this thread. Shame on them!
    Wheres duffy?

  • Va
      30th of Mar, 2011
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    Mr. dufster is no longer benefiting from our intercourse and has withdrawn, much like a shy turtle head...


  • Be
      17th of Apr, 2011
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    Hi everyone,
    My husband and I bought into the timrshare at the Daytona Beach Regency in Daytona Beach Fla. in 1997.I really haven't had any big issues until last year(except the maintenance going up every year and the conditions of the condo going down.)
    Last year and the same thing is happening now, I have tried to book our vacation.(Bear in mind Ive always been able to get at this condo anytime without any problem.)I can not get a week anytime after march 1 until after Sept 1. BUT, you can book whatever week you want directly thru the resort and pay a ridiculous amount per night. I have made several callls about this to the Las Vegas office and what it boils down to is they need to generate income to cover the maintenance fees on the huge amount of foreclosed units.This is the excuse they use as to why the maintenance fees keep going up.Then you
    can go to Expedia and get a week and its a little bit cheaper, meanwhile you have all these points to go on your own.
    They need to stop this it is just not fair, I told them they are jusst ruining the company themselves.

  • Cr
      8th of Nov, 2011
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  • Va
      8th of Nov, 2011
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    Many are upset and more are finally waking up to the SCAM that is the "Diamond Difference" I think is how "they" phrase it... for more info

    United as one we can...


  • Ch
      19th of May, 2012
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    I am an owner of Diamond Resort just received my confirmation while going through the paper work came across a sentence stating that we now have to pay $25.00 for parking, internet access and fitness center. Most of us just paid a water intrussin fee which we only had 3 months to get the money how much more can we take they are bleeding us more fees .As we go forward with our class action suite hope this will stop this scam so other people will not have to put up with their lies. Cannot wait until the trial starts sure would like to be their.
    Unsatisfied Diamond Resort International Owner

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