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For myself and my husband we managed to get out of the ONE room (over 4 hrs - to which they accused us of wasting their time when we kept saying no and would like to leave) of high pressure tactics (after having to polity decline the constant parade of sales persons) only to be hit again when trying to leave and gain our so called gift. when we where assaulted again to BUY BUY BUY ~ to get out of there we did under pressure get the 4 day /3 night that we where told can be combined with the "Free 3 day/ 2 night invitation"! ha what a laugh called 7 days later to book the two 11 months from now and the FIRST thing out of the booking agents mouth was THEY COULD NOT BE USED TOGETHER! ~~ we where Lied to and I have requested a refund and Truly hope to get it but I am very fearful that I have a LONG fight on my hands.

They may have great properties but the way in which it is sold and the unethical tactics used GREATLY takes away from anyone that may want to buy.
we asked for time to think, to review the properties and rating online --- when constantly pressured to BUY NOW should have sent me running because an honest business would not do that! Its sad very sad!

Mar 23, 2017

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