Diamond Resortsfinancial department (payment of yearly dues)

Our dues were paid on time, electronically by our bank. It was not reflected on our account, so we contacted our bank. The check has been cashed by Diamond, so the bank sent a fax of the check to them to show that it was paid and before the due date. Diamond said they couldn't read the fax, so our bank sent another fax of the check. Each time, we have talked with both the bank and the people at Diamond. Today makes the third time our bank has sent a fax of the check to Diamond. Now Diamond has added a late charge to our account. Someone needs to get their head out of their ### and take care of this problem. We don't owe Diamond anything! We can't make vacation plans until this is cleared up. Believe me, if we could sell our shares, WE WOULD!!!

Feb 01, 2017

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