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I am a Diamond Resorts owner, and my wife and I stay at the San Luis Bay Inn resort in Avila Beach, CA every year. First let me say the Diamond Resorts concierge "Jake" was awesome. Had it not been for him I would have been upset and possibly just left. Let me explain, last week while vacationing there from 11/27 to 12/2, I decided to attend the Membership Update class to learn about new changes and consider upgrading my membership to include more points. You all know the deal… A staff member asks you to sign up for the Time share update and offers a gift. Generally, I avoid the class like most do but after speaking to Jake we decided to attend and were promised a gift for going. We were scheduled for the 12:45 meeting the next day. That day, my wife and I walked to lunch then back and arrived with about 10 minutes to spare. We walked into the conference room and were met by a young girl from Diamond resorts and the hostess of the class. They informed us we needed picture ID. I had mine but my wife didn't so they turned us away. I understand policy, but the girl's attitude was particularly rude and offensive. She would not allow us in with just my ID and our key (we are married and both owners) so we went to get my wife's. I made a joke we may not return if they make us leave and she rudely said " that's your prerogative we don't need you here" or something to that effect. My wife and I went to our room and found her ID. We returned and it was just about 12:45 on the spot. A fed Ex delivery walked guy in with us so the Girl told us to wait and spoke to him, rudely as well I might add. She finally sent him away to find another employee to deliver to, but the process took her a couple minutes. So, by the time she focused on my wife and I she stated "oh no now it is legit past 12:45 you can’t come in, and turned us away. Yes, just sent us out the door. I was shocked and the further I walked away, the madder I got. I don't appreciate things like this happening on my vacation, they affect my relaxed state and ruin at least a small part of the entire vacation. I returned to the concierge desk and told Jake what had happened but was mad enough I told him I didn't want to go to the meeting anymore and asked he not pressure me about it anymore. I told him I would learn anything I need to online. He said he understood and insinuated it wasn’t the first time this has happened with this girl. My wife and I left to go do something else in town to relax. Later, Jake told me they called again and told him they would allow us to return if we wanted to but we had left already. I must say; the rude attitude I was confronted with by these girls, the first one especially, really made me feel bad. They acted as if I was an inconvenience to them, like I was on their time when it was really the other way around. I am the paying customer and they are in the hospitality business. Jake was very nice, but the other girl “Robin maybe?” and the supervisor of the membership update were not. They no more wanted to look at us than assist us or welcome us. They spoke down to us and seemed to care less. Now I find myself questioning Diamond Resorts and Wyndham with every contact. I’m afraid the quality of customer service has dwindled. We enjoy our vacations, including our annual trip to the Avila Beach area, however, we have already begun considering other places to stay. I’m not sure I will stay at this resort again. We will see. It doesn’t make for a happy vacation when the club you pay to own a time share at disrespects you like this. I do not normally speak out or complain, although you wouldn’t know from this email. I am just very insulted and can’t even describe this situation well enough to illustrate they events that took place. I understand you may not consider this a big deal, and I don’t expect or want anything out of this so please don’t think that. I do think someone should deal with the way they treat people there and even pat Jake on the back. He is a good employee. I know this survey is for Club Wyndham but Diamond Resorts is set up in the resort and represents it as much as any other employees. What happens there is a reflection on all. Please feel free to forward this email to Diamond Resorts Corporate or whomever you need to. Thank you for your time. I do not expect to hear for anyone. Jimbo Evans

Dec 03, 2016

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