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I am currently enrolled in DeVry, I am an A student. DeVry has put my loan on hold and refused to disburse it while charging me interest, I have called 6 times, never got an honest answer emailed more times than I can count.
I finally called Wachovia, who is handling my student loan, they stated DeVry has done that to scores of students whose loans they are handling, it's away of DeVry conning more money out of their students.
Wachovia in the mean time is trying to sort this out. I have made a complaint to my state Attorney General, the Federal Trade Comission, and the BBB. I urge everyone who has a problem to do the same, it is only by joint action that we can get something done.

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  • Om
      Dec 31, 2008

    Congratulation, you found out a little about what DeVry is up to before getting in too deep. Me I am a 1975 graduate of DeVry Phoenix, who decided in March 2008, to go back to DeVry as an online student to pursue my BS in Technical Management. What a terrible decision this has turned out to be, every 8-weeks, it has been one-problem after another with this school, ranging from simple incompetence, on the part of school personnel, to the school just not having the best interest of the student as their focus. As an example of their attitude I you’re your attention to DeVry's last caper, were they sent me a refund, and then six weeks later they ask for it back after I have spent it. Another example would be every term since I have back at DeVry; their Finance department has repackaged my student loan at wrong level credits, which I am allowed to take. This repackaging has taken place every term despite the fact that every term I have gotten on the phone with them to straighten out this problem. Regarding the former aforementioned problem, the solution offered by DeVry was to get me take additional loans. DeVry's solution to my latter problem has been to pass the buck internally. In addition their Academic Advising team has been very non-responsive and unhelpful. Their Career Services apparatus has been useless to me as and Alumni, despite what they advertise.

    These types’ things make it very hard for student to focus just on doing well in school. It also points out the poor management at DeVry and greed being their primary motivator, not outstanding customer service. If I were you I would count my blessings and get out now before you get in to deep, like I have. Just cut you loss in time and money and move on.

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  • Re
      Jan 02, 2009

    DeVry trains representatives to give students what DeVry has instead of what the students want. I wonder how many thousands of students made an initial investment thinking they were getting what they wanted until they realized they were sitting in the classroom for something totally different. For example, a BS degree in nursing is not the same thing as a BS degree in health care management. Can you imagine how many MILLIONS OF dollars DeVry would have to re-imburse if they were sued? No wonder my ADA would insist that I should cut the presentations and the interviews short; but I refused to do that because the students needs to know what program I am talking about. In the meantime, I have been trying to recruit an attorney to sue DeVry University but they did so many things to me that I need an attorney that has plenty of time to handle my case. I ended up filing a complaing with the Human Rights Commissions in Oklahoma City. If you know of anyone that can handle my case please send me an email at [protected] In the meantime, I contacted the media and they took my information but they said it would take time. By the way, I am willing to take a polygraph for everything that I stated on my complaint with the Human Right Commissions. At DeVry, I was ridiculed, humilliated, and discriminated against.

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  • Ca
      Jan 17, 2009

    I agree, Devry is nothing more than a paper mill. Their degree might help you get a promotion at your current job but it is not going to help you when you go out into the open job market and try to compete against candidates with real degrees. I took my local Devry school to small claims court and won a $6500. judgment which I am still trying to collect but they continue to hold my college transcript hostage for the single semester and math course which I completed. Not only that but my new school says that their math course will not meet my requirement for college Algebra so I have to repeat the course! But I cannot get another penny of student financing or grant money (despite the fact that I qualify for $4500./semester in grant money), simply because Devry won't provide my transcript. They continue to fight and so will I. I have no doubt I will be victorious in the end. It is easy to file a small claims case in California at your local court house and the you don't have to hire an attorney to do it (no attorneys allowed in small claims court) you can do it all yourself. Devry's real business name is CT Corporation dba Devry University if anyone wants to look up their license information to file in small claims court. The small claims court judges are always on the side of the little guy.

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  • Sh
      Apr 21, 2009

    My daughter drove up there the other day to see what they had to offer in graphic web design. They sat her down and made her feel like she is "just the student" they want at Devry! - a real swanky sales approach. Then they told her the degree would cost around $60, 000!!! This "school" is a joke and anyone who gets a good job after graduation is only getting one from someone not familiar with DeVry and probably on their own merits having little to do with the actual degree. My daugher then called around to companies to see if they would hire someone from DeVry. All said no way.

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  • Sa
      Jun 29, 2009

    Devry is ripping off their students by charging them for services they don't need. They refuse to do an audit of my account after I asked. I ran out of money for school and had to start getting private loans. Devry went up in there price every semester it seem like was the cost was more and more. The first private loan I did the Financial Advisor only did the loan for the amount I needed at the time and the amount I need to finish, which after speaking to another advisor was the wrong thing to do. I had only 9 classes left to finish and could not b/c I ran out of money and could not get approved for the private loans anymore alone. I was advised that I would need a co-signer after I purchased my home, they wouldn’t approve me for the private loans anymore. The Advisor did not do her job correctly and now I have all the debt and no degree. My complaints is that 1 Devry is to high and 2nd they don't care about the students getting there education just them getting paid. I should have written when my friend did after she found out they were charging her for room and board when they don't even have housing on campus in Houston, TX.

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  • Db
      Sep 17, 2009

    Anyone know how I can fight devry? I applied for a stafford loan and when I decided not to go back to devry I all of a sudden started getting statemnts saying I had to pay back my 1 semester tuition in full of in payments.

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  • Tb
      Jul 04, 2012

    I would like to be involved in this class action suit against DeVry. I am also being ripped off of my school loans and being charged me for room and board, while I am an online student. I have four classes left before I get my degree in HIT. I spent the last three years watching them take more money out of me that I was supposed to use for my education, and some one messed up and sent a budget form stating what they are spending it on. I have contacted the Dept of education, and intend on either getting every penny back in my pocket or paid back to my loans. I had to drop a class within the first week because the professor was an A ~ HOLE and I wanted out of there before I knew I would get a bad grade. I asked to be switched. Well they charged me for that whole class twice.I also changed my major in the middle of the year from ECT to HIT and Although I didn't take the whole ECT course, they charged me for the whole course. Now I have no funding to get a bachelors if I wanted to. I would like some more info on how to get these guys. I know they owe me thousands.You can e mail me @ [protected]

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  • Tb
      Jul 05, 2012

    waht a winey ballbaggy

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  • Jr
      Jul 24, 2012

    I completely agree with everyone on this .. Devry has conned me and I have never ever seen a dime of my financial and loans that Devry said i had to make. I saw one, check for school and after that, I never saw another again. I called and called and made complaints about this and they called me a liar and said that "supposedly" I had received it. First of all, they didn't have my right address down and second, they said that once they mail it, they cant reimbursed me for the missing loan. Also, since Ive already lost my money, few months later .. the Financial department sent me documents that they need to update my student account .. so, of course .. i said okay. fax them to me, which they did .. no biggie right? here's the problem ... for months, literally for months, i was in a "fax/document war" with the STUPID FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT OF ###ING DEVRY. I kept sending them my documents and they kept telling me that they didn't receive it and prolonged it for so long. i was giving this heads up of "them needing my documents" in march and i had to get it in before June 20 2010, so that i could start the summer session. so, i said okay .. i kid you not, as June 20th passed by, they said they still didn't have it ... it was until late 2010 or the beginning of 2011, the Financial Department sent me an apology email, stating they they had my documents all along .. by that time, i had already giving up on Devry all together. I learned my lesson. Devry cant be trusted

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  • Jr
      Jul 24, 2012

    you can email me at: [protected]

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