Despegar.comproblems with incorporating hotel in despegar system

My lodge was registered with Despegar until August 2013 when a serious fire put us out of commission. Upon rebuilding I tried to re-incorportate in Despegar with the first letter sent 29-10-2016. The local office started communicating in January (!) asking for background information which was duly provided. Then I was asked for the tax ID for the entity running the lodge and I informed that the lodge was run as a personal business and duly registered with the tax authorities. (Information already obvious from the data sent)
They responded that they could not find any references to the lodge and could not accept the application.
This decision can only be described as "bizarre" since a google search will provide references, we have a website (incomplete) and we are currently operating with airbnb, homeaway and pending with We also give tax receipts to our guests and have a great quantity of back up information and evidence to provide-- none of which was requested.

About 18 months after the fire the local office started dunning us for unpaid commissions. A review of the correspondence (I have everything) revealed that the commissions being claimed were for reservations that had been officially cancelled through your website. I sent the evidence to the office which never replied. A few months later the dunning started again, I resent all the evidence and requested feedback, no reply. Later I was contacted by a sales rep for Despegar, I requested that she look into the matter, "Of course." She said... and never got back to me.

All this to say that your Santiago, Chile office needs some shaking up.

Jan 27, 2017

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