Dermstore.comI had so many issues with Dermstore!

I wish I saw all these reviews earlier! I had so many issues with these guys, and they gave me nothing but trouble, Dermstore is the worst online store ever!
Bought some items from them and did not receive a tracking number. I asked so many times for my tracking number and every time they said "sure, of course" but never actually gave it to me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hebron, KY
Then they charged me twice and I had to argue with them about my money. In the end I simply cancelled my order and when I received a refund I was so mad because they gave only half back! I had to contact them again and they claimed that I have already received my money and then I had to explain that they charged me twice and I want ALL of my money back. Their rep said they need time to resolve that and silence. This store is horrible, nasty, lazy and unprofessional, don't buy from them!!

May 10, 2017

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