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I purchased the derma wand from its tv program. I assumed that was all I was purchasing. I used my credit card. After receiving the derma wand I decided I did not want to buy it. The program stated that it could be returned free of charge within 30 days risk free. I called them to tell them I was cancelling and was rudely told I would have to have my problem "escalated" and would be contacted witin 5-7 days. My card was charged $150.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Nevada, IAin the meantime I received another box which I assume are creams for $100. I did not order this. Again I called derm wand and was again rudely told that my problem had to be "escalated" and I would hear from them in 5-7 days. I was also told that the only amount they could return to my card was $39.95. I told them again that I had cancelled the whole mess. I am still waiting to hear from these con artists. I have had $250 charged to my credit card. My next call is to an attorney.

Roberta jantz

Jan 20, 2015
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  • Di
      Jan 23, 2015

    I'm going through the same thing with them had to call my bank. My next call will be to my attorney to.

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  • Gl
      Feb 18, 2015

    They won't stop charging my card. I don't want anymore charges, I already paid more than it was suppose to cost. I have called and ask them to stop, but they keep taking money.

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  • Dl
      Jul 04, 2016

    i was going to purchase the derma wand, but with all the bad reviews espellally customer service or lack of I will pass on this product. Thank you for your input

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  • Ch
      Aug 08, 2016

    i wish I had read this before I bought the product. I purchased it and was not happy with it. I called customer service to return the product. I was told that they would send me a call tag so that I could return it. The tag was never sent. I called a second time and was told the same thing. Again, the tag was never sent to me! They waited until after the 30 day trial period and then reported my remaining balance to a collection agency! When I called them about this they said they reported it because I had an outstanding balance. I explained to the CS. Supervisor what had happened and she basically called me a lair...saying that they sent the tags and I did not do my part. I checked all of my email boxes (triple checked) nothing was ever sent! This is such a SCAM! Now I am forced to pay for a product I don't want or my excellent credit goes down the toilet (which is where this product should go! The product is no good and the "Customer Service" is worse! It's bad all the way around! If I had any anemies I wouldn't even recommend it to them!

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