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Derma wand is a terrible product. Do not purchase it! It's a scam. They would charge your credit card with higher amounts than authorized. They would charge your credit card with things you did not purchase. They would add sale taxes to the shipping and handling when there is no tax on shipping costs.
I authorized a first charge to my credit card for $ 9. 95, however, the charge was made for $13. 55. This is $ 3. 60 of overcharge. They told me that this $3. 60 was sale tax over the shipping of $ 9. 95. So they charged me 36. 2% over 9. 95. They are in california, where the sales tax fluctuates in between 8. 15 - 8. 25%, (According to the county) but they charged me 36. 2% instead.
They would try to upsale things you don't need such subscriptions to magazines and other things.
If you choose monthly payments, they would charge the whole amount to your credit card.
Moreover, the dermawand machine is worthless. It does nothing to your skin in the best of the cases. I have read reports of people saying that the machine damaged their skin. This wasn't my case, but it did nothing to improve it. It was a waste of time and money.
Besides, after you decide to return the machine, they don't want to honor their own warranty. They become so unpleasant to deal with.
The commercial states that they would pay for the returning shipping also, but this isn't true.
When i called to return the product, they gave me a rma number and they told me to use a little return label with a funny barcode in the back of the sales slip. They told me that the postage was pre - paid in that label. In fact, the label was there. I packed the machine, i placed the little return label on the package and took it to the post office.
The clerk at the post office, told me that the label "was not" pre paid and i would have to pay for the shipping. I was not willing to spend anymore money with these people, so i called them and told them to send me a label. They respond that they wouldn't do it.
They are just crooks. One lie after another.
My attorney sent them a letter with all the information, and telling them that if they want their machine back, they need to send me a pre - paid label.
I haven't heard back from them. I have the machine packed and ready to go.
Do not give your credit card number to these people. The whole thing is a scam.
These high frequency machines sell for $ 64 - $100. 00. Go to amazon. They have a wonderful return policy and it's hassle free to return any item to them if you are dissatisfied.
Don't waste your time and money with these people exposing yourself to fraudulent charges.


  • Mi
    Millie Jan 11, 2009

    I also had a terrible experience. I used the Derma Wand for about 3 months, to firm up under my chin and my upper eye area. Both were a little saggy, but not terrible, so I hoped the Derma Wand would result in a small improvement. However, because I didn't notice any improvement at all after 3 months, I stopped using it.

    Around 2 weeks after stopping I noticed that the area under my chin was more saggy than before.

    However the BIG shock was that now my upper eye area has noticeable sagging that was MUCH WORSE than before starting with Derma Wand. And I had followed the eye-area instructions exactly, using only setting #1 and using the wand only under the eyebrow bone and not the upper lid itself. The Derma Wand seems to have stretched out the skin, resulting in wrinkles and sagging that I never had before!

    I am devastated and furious at this situation. Not only am I out the money, but I look worse now, not the same, and certainly not better. I am so sorry that I ever used the Derma Wand!

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  • Jo
    John Mar 24, 2009

    Do not rush to use anything that promise to better your skin. What is good for the one, may be bad for you. To better you skin, eat well, exercise, rub your skin gently to stimulate the blood flow, don't eat too much fat, don't eat ready made food, drink draughts of water throughout the day every 10 minutes, take 3, 000 mg vitamin c and take vitamin E two times a day to keep a good level of anti-oxidants. Also take fluid vitamin D 5 drops a day and take fulvic acid to take up the vitamins and to be healthy. Do not drink alcohol, don't smoke, and do not take sugar as these are extremely bad for your immune system. Instead of sugar take honey as it has what you need to process the sugar of the honey. Next the best thing to do to take a completely good lifestyle and attitude, is to join the Escaper Zone at for only $9 a month even if you don't like it at all. It will improve your knowledge and smartness and logical thinking, stop you from being fooled.

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  • Ja
    Janine Dorsay Mar 24, 2010


    The key benefit of Dermawand is to deliver oxygen to the skin and stimulate circulation.

    It can be time consuming so I do it during a favorite show every evening.

    I've been using the Dermawand for a few weeks now and I have noticed that after doing the techniques suggested for lifting and firming that there is a change in my appearance. My eyes seem more open and less tired looking. The corners of my mouth curve upward. My jawline is tighter. The skin on my throat is less slackened. My decolette has lost some of that crepe-like appearance. My complexion is brighter and I have noticed that blemishes, if they appear, are minor and fast to heal. The technique used around the eyes is grat for puffiness. I am experimenting on other areas such a s my hands to see if there is an improvement.

    I conclude that this is a worthy addition to my beauty regimen and recommend it highly.

    Price (paid by reviewer)

    Where to find it
    The Shopping Channel


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  • Ja
    Janine Dorsay Mar 24, 2010

    Rating - Excellent

    Benefits - The key benefit of Dermawand is to deliver oxygen to the skin and stimulate circulation.

    Drawbacks - It can be time consuming so I do it during a favorite show every evening.

    I've been using the Dermawand for a few weeks now and I have noticed that after doing the techniques suggested for lifting and firming that there is a change in my appearance. My eyes seem more open and less tired looking. The corners of my mouth curve upward. My jawline is tighter. The skin on my throat is less slackened. My decolette has lost some of that crepe-like appearance. My complexion is brighter and I have noticed that blemishes, if they appear, are minor and fast to heal. The technique used around the eyes is grat for puffiness. I am experimenting on other areas such a s my hands to see if there is an improvement.

    I conclude that this is a worthy addition to my beauty regimen and recommend it highly.

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  • De
    Derma wand ,,,,,,,,,,, May 21, 2011

    Dear all, , , , , , , , , , , , , i am using derma wand since from six month, , , i bought it from UAE, as it was not available in Pakistan at that time ... i found this device much easy to use but it is not at all good for every day use, , , it is better to use such devices once a week only, , , and after using it, , , massage your face gently, with your hands, in upward directions, using any mild moisturising cream ... always remember 1 thing, , whenever you treat your skin or any part of your body artificially, it may show bad results, , , , , , , , so just don't go on advertisments, , , , i advice every 1 to first consult your doctor, , , , it is better, because, doctor may suggest you any skin test and give you awareness about your skin ((( may you are alergic of electric shock, or any other alergies ))))))))))) however this device is not bad but it is good if you consult your doctor before using any e.device ((( derma wand, laser, light therapy and many more are available in international market )))))))))))))))) ... so please be aware your skin first ... thanx, , , regards : Huma (((( Pakistan )))

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  • Le
    Lee Magri Apr 25, 2018

    @Derma wand ,,,,,,,,,,, Once a week? you might as well not use it at all! nothing works if it is being used once a week! NOTHING!

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  • Mu
    muznyx9700 Dec 26, 2011

    Please note, these comments refer to a product called Dermawand, NOT DermaPaw; two completely different products and companies.

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  • An
    Anna Perdue Mar 12, 2012

    I have nothing but trouble with Derma Wand. I saw it on an informercial and decided that I would try it, I thought 30 day trial would be great. Well after using it, it burnt my face it had made my face swollen DID NOT LIKE IT. On the infomercial it said that just mail it back for full refund. It had even said that they will provide return lable. This is where my nightmare began. I did not get a pre paid shipping to return the product. I called the customer service to see if they would send me another one because mine was not in the box. I was told I would have to pay to send it back. Fine I paid for the shipping to send it back, this was on Feb 10th. Well before the 30 day trial period. On Jan 27th I was charged $134.80 on my credit card. When I signed up origianally I told him monthly payments, well was a lie. So I called customer services about the refund, they told me (3 weeks later) that they have not received the product back. They also informed me that it usually takes 30 days for the shipping department to check products in so they could not issue any refund. 6 weeks after I returned the product still no refund and they had hit my credit card again for a product I did not want. BE AWARE THEY DONT TELL YOU ON THE INFOMERCIAL that it takes 30 days to for the product to be regisered but until then they will just keep hitting your credit card!

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  • Ke
    KenJustKen Nwonknu May 21, 2018

    @Anna Perdue What I would do is contact the credit card company used and have them get a refund. Showing what was promised, what was given instead, and what happened with return shipping should easily get a refund. I use Citicorp, Citicard, Citibank VISA and it's been a VERY VERY good company for me.
    (please note, I don't own the company so this comment is made to help others not me!)
    Be well!

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  • Jf
    jfowler11 Sep 05, 2012

    If it seems too good to be true... well... you figure it out

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  • Ir
    IROAMD Sep 17, 2012

    This derma wand is a complete waste of money and time. The people who sell this product over the phone just try to sell you more products and even when i said no and change my mind i found out next day i was charge double to my credit card. I phoned immediately the company and they said they couldnt do anything about it beacause it was my fault i gave my credit card number!!!I spoke also to the supervisor david and he was very rude to me!!!.
    I also find out today they have done the same to many people, even my mother in law told me several of her friends have gone through the same scam, they returned the packing and have to make several phone calls and wait a lot of time to get the money back through disputes!!. Please please dont buy this product!!!Scam!!!And the people behind all this is the same!!!Dont trust this company!!!
    The product does not do anything and give you a huge rush and hair in your face!!!
    For sure gonna go to the business bureau!!!

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  • Cj
    cjs3427 Oct 21, 2012

    Unfortunately I ordered the TV advertised product with so far, disastrous results. I placed a 6:30 a.m. call in response to their ad which stated: FREE 30 day trial, FREE S & H, pay nothing for 30 days. If not satisfied, they will pay return shipping. The tel. operator was a fast-talker who tried to get me to buy all sorts of expensive items, warranties, etc. I kept saying all I wanted was the 30 day free trial of the DermaWand. I was told I would be charged my Visa Debit Card $9.95 shipping plus $8.69 tax for a total of $18.64. When I told her the TV ad said I would NOT be charged shipping she said if I wasn't satisfied and returned the product within 30 days, I would be refunded the $9.95. When I asked why I was being charged the tax when I had not yet agreed to purchase the product, she said it was required. Before ending the conversation, I asked her to give me the total I would be charged to my Visa and was told the total would be $18.64 and had her repeat the amount so I could deduct it from my checking account. Later that day (Saturday) I received an e-mail confirming my order and the amount charged my Visa was $154.16!!! I tried to call the service number and got a message that the office was closed for the day. I immediately replied to their e-mail and told them to cancel my order at once and not to debit my Visa account as I do not have that amount in my checking account and would be charged an overdraft fee of at least $50. I also said I would be going to my bank first thing Monday morning to ask the bank to refuse this debit. I will also call the DermaWand cust. service number first thing Mon. a.m. and repeat this to them. I have a hunch this is going to be a BIG problem and like other commenter's, I will NEVER reply to an infomercial again! Scams! Too bad I did not Google BBB before answering this ad!

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  • Cp
    cpsummer Nov 27, 2012

    I read a lot of good reviews about the Derma Wand so I thought I would give it a try and not only didn't it work but it gave me more wrinkles then I had before I use it and yes it also burned the skin and I followed the instruction to the letter, so I sent it back and then they made it almost impossible for me to get my shipping charges back. This is not a product I would support or tell anyone to buy, all I have to say is buyer beware.

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  • Ha
    hawaiiskin Dec 25, 2012

    I purchased the Dermawand back in 2010. Being a licensed Aesthetician for 27 years and using many larger type machines that have a higher frequency then the Dermawand I thought that it would be a cool device to have with me when I go on my trips. That being said I could not be more satisfies with the product. I followed the spa procedure regimen twice daily and loved the results that it gave me. There is no way that this device could burn anyone's skin unless they were using a Glycolic or Retin - A type product prior to using the wand or hand used a depilatory previously to using the wand or waxing or over an already traumatized skin. In which the instructions cautions the user to specifically stay away from prior to using this device.

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  • Ac
    AcneObsessed Jan 20, 2013

    To anyone who got burned from this how long does it take to heal?! My skin is dry and stinging and I am freaking out! Thanks:(

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  • Re
    real face Jun 16, 2017

    @AcneObsessed Hi - Did your skin recover from the Derma Wand damage? It has greatly damaged my skin, broken capillaries and scars (welts) through my face! It appears my skin break is down, what can I do to stop the damage? I used it for 6 weeks and started to notice the damage, I'm devastated to say the least. Any help or tips would be most appreciated.

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  • In
    internetpasswordlover Feb 22, 2013

    It seems confusing that some comments are so negative and others seem to endorse the product. I would appreciate someone with scientific knowledge to state real facts. Is this machine capable of reducing wrinkles? Seems too good to be true, but other that old cliche, I don't know what to think.

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  • Sn
    Snowyowl Mar 11, 2013

    Photo Credit Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images
    Facial electronic muscle stimulation may rejuvenate aging, wrinkled or sagging skin. However, these claims have not been proved by the FDA. Electronic muscle stimulation, or EMS, is the practice of stimulating specific muscles through electric current. While some individuals seek these treatments to improve their appearance, others utilize this process to combat the effects of certain health complications. Consult your physician before starting any alternative treatment practices.
    A health care provider or licensed cosmetologist give facial electrical muscle stimulation in a series of treatments. The provider will place a mask, usually made of terry cloth, on the face with metal probes strategically attached at desired points of stimulation, which are stimulated by low-level electrical currents. Treatments may last between 10 and 30 minutes; providers recommend these treatments several times per week. Because the effects of electrical muscle stimulation are temporary, a permanent effect can only be achieved through continual, consistent treatments, according to a report by the New York Times.

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    Many individuals may seek electrical facial muscle stimulation treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while others may wish to help increase circulation to specific areas. Many others utilize the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation to reverse the adverse effects of certain health complications. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration allows doctors to prescribe EMS for symptoms resulting from stroke or injury. The Chiropractic Resource Organization reports that EMS can also be used to treat facial drooping as a result of Bell's palsy.
    The New York Times reports that, on average, electrical muscle stimulation treatments can cost hundreds of dollars when performed several times a week. Many health insurance companies may not cover treatments for cosmetic purposes, but may cover treatments prescribed by a physician to address the effects of health complications.
    The FDA states that no electronic muscle stimulator has been proved to promote any long-term benefits. However, these devices may temporarily tone, firm or strengthen muscle. Long-term effects from electronic muscle stimulation may only result from consistent EMS treatments. The New York Times reports that as many as 10 percent of individuals seeking EMS treatments may not see any results, even after the recommended number of treatments.
    Before seeking electrical muscle stimulation treatments, check with your physician or health care provider. Many electronic muscle stimulation devices are not supported by the FDA; results and side effects will vary between individuals. If you experience any adverse side effects from the treatments, contact your physician immediately.
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    New York Times: Can Electrical Charges Really Stop Wrinkles
    Chiropractic Resource Organization: Treatment of Facial Muscles Affected by Bell's Palsy with High-Voltage Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Electronic Muscle Stimulators
    Article reviewed by Mary Branham Last updated on: Jan 5, 2011

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  • Sn
    Snowyowl Mar 11, 2013

    I have posted all the information, I could post on here both for and against the derma wand. I have not purchased it. My experience and background enables me to be skeptical yet I know that prevention is more important than any of the facial treatments one pursues. As a retired esthetician I have worked with skin stimulation and know that circulating the blood is important to healthy skin, however, I would point out do not think after years of abusing skin such as smoking, drinking, bad diet, sun worshipers that any treatment will eradicate wrinkles, bad skin, sagging skin. What a treatment will do is restore blood into the skin, oxygenate it, preparing it for pre surgery that is what many Plastic Surgeons do they send their patients to us. We restore the dry aging and damaged skin for surgery. Even then if your skin is bad the surgeon can only do so much. I tell people you can never fully change skin that has it's history on your face unless you begin when your younger.

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  • Iv
    ivette kenney Apr 01, 2013

    Bought this for I thought a 30 day trial..the next day my credit card was charged 74.87, 74.88, and a charged for a mail order for 30.00..called them oh course waited 20 minutes and then on and hold for another 30 min...I wanted to cancel but guess what I got a confirmation that the machine was in the mail..that's the scam, order get their money and more and send it the next day ...I am going to have to dispute can't cancel and guess what if u really want the machine amazon has it, , which I usually check first ..I have prime and really trust amazon.

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  • La
    Lady Dyanne Apr 09, 2013

    SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! YEP, IT BURNED MY FACE AS WELL. They lie and say you have had the product for 30 days when in fact you have NOT!!! Dr, OZ and all these people of "persuasion" need to stop leading consumers astray. I don't even watch Dr. Oz anymore. They all scam TOGETHER...Must be gettina kick back?????!!! Baloney.

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  • Re
    real face Jun 16, 2017

    @Lady Dyanne Derma Wand has greatly damaged my skin, broken capillaries and scars (welts) through my face! It appears my skin break is down, what can I do to stop the damage? I used it for 6 weeks and started to notice the damage, I'm devastated to say the least. Any help would be most appreciated.

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  • Ma
    Maria Coloma Aug 16, 2017

    @real face I am not sure if the Derma Wand has damaged my skin (or was it my previous skin care regime?). My skin now looks dry, with small welts, slightly reddened and has a waxy feel (I am 44 years old and never had any wrinkles to begin with, just soft and smooth skin with a few old scars, minor eye bags and slightly sagging jawline).

    I have now stopped using the dermawand and any facial products containing alcohol. My skin seems to be improving steadily by cleansing with oil cleansers, which I wash off with water and remove any final traces softly with a washcloth (my face cannot tolerate soaps, detergents or sodium hydroxide/lye). I moisturise my face with cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil (which naturally provides some sun protection and doesn't oxidise like most other oils). You should avoid toxic chemicals that can ruin your face, eg: sodium lauryl suplhate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), synthetic fragrances/parfum, propoylene glycol, F&D dyes, mineral oils (it prevents skin cells from breathing, and I consider the oil as being "pollution" from the petrochemical industries), triethanolamine, EDTA, parabens, benzoyl peroxide (can dry the skin), and phthalates. If unsure of what skincare to purchase, get help from an assistant at a well-stocked health food store (department stores sell a lot of expensive toxic rubbish). Be careful with sunscreen products: these tend to contain many dangerous chemicals such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. For sun protection, I only use 100% natural mineral makeup or natural sunscreens from my local health food store (but I only wear sun protection at the beach or when staying outdoors in the sun for long hours).

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  • Ch
    charmaine connor Apr 17, 2013

    I love love love the derma Wand!!.I am a 57 yr okld blue eyed blonde. I have no idea why people say this product burned their skin. I use it all the time on the highest setting (I am Impatient) and I look amazing!!! My 17 yr old daughter always looks at me with amazement when I use this product. She can always tell the days I spend extra time using it. I just recommended it to my younger sister.

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  • Th
    thirtyyears Apr 27, 2013

    Of course I was skeptical; but I decided to spend a little money to test the Derma Wand before I committed to the $3, 500 cost of having essentially the same procedure done. I did the under brow test on my right eye area first. But, being a bullheaded typical guy I said to myself, "Well lets just go for both, if one works so then will the other." I finished using Derma Wand and then got lost in reading the directions on the products that came along with the product. That's when I thought, "Oh, I should see how the two areas look.." I had started with the right eye area but my attention went right to my left eye lid area and my jaw dropped: There was my long lost eyelid! So when I stopped being amazed by that area I looked at my right eye. The fatty bulge that had been hiding my eyelid was almost gone, there was just one crease. So I gazed at it as if I could will it to work. Before my eyes the crease vanished. If you understand that not everyone will, for whatever, reasons achieve the same results why whine? As for me; I'm loving it!

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  • Th
    thirtyyears Apr 27, 2013

    Does this site always make a hash out of posts?

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  • Gw
    Gwhen Apr 30, 2013

    Haven't tried it. Thinking about it, but confused now due to both negative and positive comments on several sites. However, I am leaning towards listening to the aestheticians who have posted here. I do not trust dermatologists. Not for beauty or skin care. Go to one if you have a rash or something, but that's it. I have had nothing but good experiences with aestheticians and they have always helped my skin improve and had good advice. They are professionals. They know what they're talking about. Beauty is their business.
    From what they're saying, those who have had damage from the DW are misusing the product. Also, from what I have read on most reviews, the people who say: "it doesn't work" have barely used it. Must be expecting instant results. How realistic is that? It is also true that if you have abused your skin and your body all your life, you can't expect miracles no matter what you use. So from all the reviews I have seen, the people who are realistic about it, and follow instructions, use the product consistently...and don't already have major damage..are having good results.

    The shipping and billing problems some have had is more of a concern to me, but some people don't seem to have had any problems with that. Can those of you who have and have not had these issues tell me where you have bought the products from? I'll be sure to check out those machines on Amazon as well though. Thanks for that tip!

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  • Xi
    x_infamous May 06, 2013

    The website for Dermawand shows no price. It does show a shipping charge. Are we expected to lock in a sale without knowing the price until after the purchase?? We all know how hard it can be to get money back under those circumstances. I'm interested in the product but will probably try it through a reputable seller. Amazon or E-bay has more clout than me.

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  • Le
    Lee Magri Apr 25, 2018

    @x_infamous Get it in Khol's, they have a return policy no matter how long it was purchased!! That's where I purchased mine!

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  • Kb
    kbstupidpeople May 08, 2013

    all these people saying the dermawand is a scam and that they were charged more on their card are so stupid. they explain everything on the website and show what charges you are getting and are horrible to the customer service reps. they yell at them and call them names. ive heard it before. the product is great and i love it. the people who complain about the price shouldnt order it if they are living off the government. some of these people compaling about the product are using it completely wrong. they say it irritated their skin, you know how long they use it for...30 mins. of course its going to irritate it! your only supposed to use it for 3 to 5 mins 2x a day.

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  • Ca
    Carlost May 25, 2013

    Do not buy this products is horrible, it doesn't work is a ripoff, the famous laser light doesn't work THIS NOT TRUE !!! they should take this iron from the market

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  • Au
    Aury Jun 20, 2013

    Thank God I read all these comments before purchasing. I definitely will not bother with it now. I remember reading a Doctor's article once, where he said that machine do not work to improve your skin's condition. Realistically, if you want to look dramatically younger, you have to resort to cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Lubriderm, or more drastically, face lifts. Unfortunately, that's reality. Thanks for all who commented, I won't be buying this product.

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  • Su
    surgtech Jun 25, 2013

    One side effect I noticed that I haven't seen anyone else comment on is that the dermawand gave me terrible headaches! In fact every where i used it (face, neck, arms) ended up hurting quite a lot and i only used it to a 3 setting. I decided to stop using it and guess what…no more headaches or pain of any kind.
    Anyone else? Is it just me?

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  • Sa
    sarah maylou Dec 13, 2016

    @surgtech Yes, i agree with you. I just used it and I have a terrible migraine. I might go to the hospital if it lasts 10 mins longer. About to pass out from typing this.

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  • Jo
    Jo29 Jan 03, 2019

    @surgtech Yes I got headaches and my upper teeth and gums have been numb for 4 days since I used it.. anyone else had that side effect?? Would like to know how long the numbness will last..

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  • Mi
    miss. lorie Jun 27, 2013

    Ok! Like otheers theat have orders thee 30 day trial derma wand on here;i am very angry about thee way theey have done me. First of all theey said all i had to let theem charge my debit card was 9. 95 so i agreed. Then theat same day i looked at my account and saw theat theey lied and charged my card for 25. 90 boy was i mad since i barely had enough in theere to cover it. Well after i got it in thee mail;i tried it everyday for a week and knew it was a scam. So i called theem and told theem i was gonna return it. They said i would have to pay to ship it back to theem even theough thee commercial said theey would but when i got it; theere was notheing to ship it back in. Anotheer lie! When i ordered it theey promised after thee first initial pmt. Of 9. 95 theere would only be 3 more payments of 39. 00scheduled for thee 17the of each monthe. Another lie!!! They tried to take 54. 00 out for the first payment!!! Thank god my bank denied it. Right after theat theey tried to charge my account for a cosmopolitan magazine subscription for 24. 99. My bank also denied theat. I've been trying to call theese dermawand theieves to settle theis. But go figure you cant get ahold of anyone unless your trying to order it so theey can take your account # and start stealing from you!!! All i have to say is watch out!!! They will get you bad!!! Please don't let theem rip you off too! I'm getting a lawyer and reporting theem to thee b b b! I also had my bank close my card too. Theey aren't getting anotheer dime out of my account.

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  • Li
    Linzzz Jun 27, 2013

    As far as I can tell there are hundreds of thousands of happy customers for dermawand. Actually Millions.
    I believe it to be a fantastic product that works very well when instructions followed.
    I hope this helps.

    Lin Ronald

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  • He
    Herry Tayat Jul 11, 2013

    I dropped my DermaWand (accidentally) and broke the hardplastic tip. I don't have any idea if there is replacement part/tip. I would appreciate very much if somebody could help me to 'save' the DermaWand.

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  • Za
    zannaben Jul 20, 2013

    Come on...burned yor face on the lower setting? That just can not be true. I just boght it few days ago from the official site.
    I know it is cheeper on ebay etc but I rather pay little more and get a real thing with 5 years warranty for $15 extra.
    I start using it right away on highest setting an my skin even don get red, just a little pink.
    I am from Europe and I had similiar device used on me in finest beauty salons in Europe.
    I love the sensation of using this product. The company gives 30 days money back so if you don't see result you can send it back.
    I have purchased before NUFACE device which I think is real junk. Very expensive and does nothing. Three times the price.
    I can not talk about results after three days of using it by my face feels so energerized after using it that I am sure it works.
    I would love to write update after a month. I have 30 days to try it but I love the sensation of using it allready that i think i will keep it.
    and like with everything, you have to use it to see results and write legitimate comment. Amen. lol

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  • Co
    CowgirlBrenda Jul 25, 2013

    I am 66 yrs old. I purchased the DermaWand in May 2013. I love this product. I have used the Face products I recieved with my wand as the directions stated. I have had amazing results.
    I took a picture before I started using it after 6-8 treatments I took another picture I am amazed at the results. My dark spots have faded, the puffiness around my eyes have gne, the lip wrinkles are less.
    I use my wand about 2 times a week.
    The products I recieved were good. I have very sensitive skin but I choose to try them. For me The skin quencher was a little strong so I stopped using it. The mosterizer was wonderful as is the eye cream. I have always used good products and these compare.
    I called customer service about the skin quencher and was e-mailed a return label immediately I was reimbursed the charge and stopped further shipments.
    Thank you DermWand. You have made a difference in my life. Brenda

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  • Ri
    richard anthony farmer Aug 05, 2013

    They took my girl friend s money. She was so upset she prides her self on being smarter then scam artists. This one took her money and pride she'S beside her self ... I felt so bad for her I posted this they refused to send her a return box or slip or labels they tried to blame her eating habitat on why it did not work and by the way she's a vegetarian ... and has a grate work out regiment it left her feeling embarrassed ... and mad they charged her for the hole price and we filed a local theft charges for theft by deception. And filed with bbb and attorney General office ... we are also seeking attorneys fees and restitution And

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Tham Aug 13, 2013

    Please do not buy this product. I bought this product through TV commercial. I am a Canadian Citizen. I thought I was buying this product only but it comes in a package. They pass my Credit number to Wellness Experts. I paid $62.70 in June and $63.95 in July. I have no connection with them and I did not contacted for any service. All I need is my refund. I paid in full to Dermawand within a month and there is no reason for me to join any membership. I did not ask for any service, except Dermawand product. Is it the fault of the Dermawand or Wellness Experts. Both of them are just ignoring me. Please rectify this. R. Tham - from Canada

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  • Le
    Lee Magri Apr 25, 2018

    @Rosemary Tham Put in a dispute with your credit card, & they will have to repond, & return the money!! I did with other products which have not worked, & my credit card has always refunded my card!

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  • Ya
    Yazmine Sep 16, 2013

    I bought Dermawand as a to LIfe time LIft (which i had a very bad experience with their customer service- went for an appoint time set 9am and was still waiting not seen at 12n- finally left at 1pm). I was skeptic at first but i did had a procedure called Thermage that worked for me- same principle with low radiowave that helps produce collagen. Thermage one time procedure lasted for 3 years with my skin type. It cost me $3700.00 face and neck. It took me 6 months before i started seeing the result of dermawand. i started at the lowest setting at the very beginning and progress to setting 4. I like what i see, it did made my pores smaller and skin tighter. my laugh line and lines in my foreheads were almost visible. The Puppy cheeks (sagging skin/muscle on the jaw line that made me look like a bulldog) was now almost gone. The horizontal lines on my neck were much less deeper than it was before. However, the small vertical lines on top of my vocal cords which i notice has very thin skin were still there. The only disappointment is if you stop using it for 3 consecutive days, the wrinkles will all come back. Also, when ordering the "pre-face treament gel" which you absolutely need to prevent any burns, order online at DERMAVITAL.COM. Opt to be a club memeber and the price is reduced to $19.99 with free shipping if your order is above $50 or more. I made a mistake of calling Dermwand to order the Derma Vital preface treatment and i got charged with shipping and handling fee. Over all, i am satisfied. Sorry it didn't work for some of you but it does work for me and i will continue using it.. Thanks.

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  • Ya
    Yazmine Sep 16, 2013

    I bought my derma wand a year ago as an option instead of Lifetime Lift that i had a very bad experience with customer service (had an appointment for 9am and was till waiting to be seen at 12n. I finally left at 1pm- the staffs were non apologetic nor symphathetic for my time wasted waiting. Didn't even tell me that they can't see me...). I had a procedure called Thermage that works pretty much like the dermawand using higher radiowave pulses. That last for 3 years and i was very satisfied. The price for my face and neck was $3700.00 then. So Derma wand was a very economical alternative. I started with the lowest setting and a year later, i'm haftway in the setting. I use higher setting for my neck area. Although my sisters saw the result in 2 months, i really didn't see it until after 6 months. The deep lines on my forehead and laugh lines were diminished immensely. And so with the deep horizontal lines on my neck. The small vertical lines on my neck which were on the thin area of the skin remains visible. The sagging skin on my cheek/jaw line that made me look like a bull dog- started to tighten so now it's not as prominent as it was before (I don't have that bulldog look anymore- thank goodness!!). The only issues i have are: the wrinkles comes back if you stop using them after 3 days. Also- i orderd 6 Derma Vital from Dermawand customer service and they charged me with shipping and handling. So next time i'm going in to order them instead. I also opted for club membership and got the $19.99 pricing with free shipping and handling. I'm sorry it didn't work for everyone, but it does work for me so i'm going to continue using them.

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  • Sa
    Saucete Oct 20, 2013

    Everyone on here that said that they were going to report this to the BBB, hasn't. I checked. If this product was as bad as you claimed it to be, wouldn't that be the first thing you would do instead of complain on here where nothing will get done about it? IMO, I would write to the BBB first, If I was you. Just saying...

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  • Sm
    s. mclean Nov 11, 2013

    I just started with the derma wand. I was concerned that the company was not going to send me an email regarding our conversation. I called customer service to get a break down on what my bill was going to look like. 1-866-677-0993 Robert X251. Robert was helpful up to a point. I was not returning the wand just wanted to make sure everything was above board in paying off the wand. He gave me the dates and amounts - that will be taken out of my C/C. But what he was NOT going to tell me...was that...I would be charged every 3 months for shipping products to me. I was smart enough to ask the question: I will not be charged anything after the 3rd payment right? Then he volunteered the information about every 3 months shipping. I said - "I do not want anything after I have paid off the product. I don't want anything shipped to me every 3 months. So... you will NOT be charging my C/C right? He said - he wrote down this info on my file. That the conversation was taped and that is the proof of the agreement. That's when I asked for an email confirmation which he said he could not do. I don't understand why you can send confirmation of shipping products but not confirmations dealing with proof of agreements between company and customer. Only time will tell if the wand works. I went to Sonobello to have the procedure down with 8 treatments. I consulted with the doctor and she said, that possibly, the wand could be used as a maintenance procedure. I am following the directions closely. The Customer Service Rep better be telling the truth because if the company is scamming me...well let's just don't want to get someone like me angry.

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  • Ra
    Raniah Dec 06, 2013

    Im 40 years old. I was considering a face like. I ordered dermawand and I am amazed with the results. With a bit of wworkout good nutrition. I look fantastic, I'll never stop using it. I don't even need to apply makeup.
    I will use forever

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  • Je
    Jeanette W Dec 25, 2013

    I bought Derma Wand nine years ago I am 52 now and I have no wrinkles at all my pores are small and my skin looks very good without any foundation . I started out using it on its lowest setting twice a week then slowly increased the setting and frequency of use ... I now use it everyday at the highest setting . At first my skin was red and irritated and it actually dried it out but I did not give up, I changed my face creams until I found the right one for me and then I had no problems . After I use Derma Wand I put on a cream that I buy from the health food store it is for face and neck and is all natural, it is kind of greasy for normal use but it prevents the drying of my skin . My advice is don't give up, be patient and start out slow and change your face creams because they might be part of the problem, also following the treatments use a face cream that is for hydration only . I hope this post helps you .

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