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Dermawand Complaints & Reviews

Dermawand / derma wand

Jul 25, 2019

DermawandHi, I bought this product just maybe 6 months ago, I loved it. Recently tho I was using it and the end exploded into shards. Makind a small cut on my cheek. U kept it in its original box not sure what happend here .I was going to replace it with the pro but thought I would reach out and...

Dermawand / dermawand triggered severe migraine

Feb 08, 2019

I purchase dermawand and since Monday and today is Friday, I have been bedridden with a horific Migraine. This occurred after second treatment. I see another dermawand user also experience similar situation with migraines after using Dermawand. I love the concept of dermawand actually...

Dermawand / refund of 113.00

Nov 12, 2018

We were told that since we mailed back the skincare products, we would get this money put back on our card. It has been months and no refund. I did not use the extra skin care products totaling $113.00, I sent them back untouched. We called and spoke with representatives twice and told we...

Dermawand / doesn’t work properly

Jul 31, 2018

DermawandHello, I ordered my Dermawand on amazon and it was delivered on April 20, 2018. Worked well for a few weeks and I was very happy with it, but in the last week only works on setting 9 and even then it is weak, which is very disappointing after only a few weeks' use (twice a week). I purchased...

Dermawand / dermawand fees and services

Jul 15, 2018

I purchased my first dermapro out right. Shipping and handling is supposed to be priority, and free. However when I saw my charges, they charged me 14. 95 + 19. 95 for shipping and handling. I called customer service and they basically tried to say that 14. 95 is for the Cosmetics that come...

Dermawand / service

Mar 26, 2018

DermawandI ordered the free trial and paid processing I've been thru this twice. Both times the processing fee was taken from my debut card and a week later derma wand cancelled my order they said payment was declined. I i never. Re iced the derma wand and I had 2 weeks before a payment was due I...

Dermawand / payment/refund not received!!!

Mar 07, 2018

I got dermawand at end of january 2018 and reutrned it beginning of february due to horrible reaction on my eyes, forehead and neck. I sent it back way before the 30 days was up for free trial and have yet to receive my refund. I spoke to someone in customer service two weeks ago to get...

Dermawand / dermawand causing severe migraine and eye twitching

Nov 11, 2017

Worst headache/ migraine of my life and new eye twitching after using this for three days! I am a registered nurse and have tried different products for "fun" although I knew this was not going to give instant results, nor results like botox or juvaderm I thought for 89.00 on kohl'...

Dermawand / unauthorized charges and hard to get a hold of company

Oct 23, 2017

I purchased the derma wand first of september. I received the package no problem. I had 30 days to try product and decide to keep or return it. I was charged before my 30 days were even up. One or two days later I was charged again for a package that I hadn't even received. I called...

Dermawand / derma-wand ipxo not working

Sep 19, 2017

DermawandI purchased this item over 2weeks ago and as I have moved house I have lost the packaging. I wish to return this item as it no longer works. Plugged and switch on at all settings the wand does not work at all Model no is IPXO ICTV USA I would prefer a refund for this Please send full detail...

Dermawand / derma wand

Jun 06, 2017

DermawandThe end of the derma wand fell off whist in use thus was potentially dangerous. I have completed the for and heard nothing which I think is totally unacceptable. It looked as if the glue holding it had dried up. Having only had it a matter of months I think a replacement or refund is in...

Dermawand / dermawand

Jul 07, 2016

This company uses highly deceptive advertising; which includes hidden "processing fees" and extremely high shipping charges. I ordered this in march 2016, stopped working in may. Was charged $10.95 to return the product. The second one does not work as well as the first one. Purchased for a promo...

Dermawand / not authorised charges

Feb 24, 2015

I bought dermawand and while I was on the phone with the rep, I specifically told her I do not want any "expert beauty advises" or creams or anthing else. Next thing I know I see two $59.99 each monthly chages for consultant advise I have never authorised to be taken out of my accout, or...

Dermawand / sendindg lotions after we told them to stop

Feb 22, 2015

We called and told them we wanted to trry product first and if we wanted anything else we would order it. They took money out of our bank for 19.95 and we called them when we got it told them we were senior citizens on limited income and under no circumstances were they to do that again!...

Dermawand / poor quality

Jan 21, 2015

One of the worst experience I had. The product doesn't work at all and they lied. On tv their adverting that 100% they going to refund but it is not true. I brought the product on 10/09/14, it does not work at all. So I returned it before 30 days. I called to customer service more than 10...

Dermawand / they steal your money

Jan 20, 2015

I purchased the derma wand from its tv program. I assumed that was all I was purchasing. I used my credit card. After receiving the derma wand I decided I did not want to buy it. The program stated that it could be returned free of charge within 30 days risk free. I called them to tell...

Dermawand / horrible service and staff

Dec 24, 2014

This company is a joke. This product is a joke as well. They will add extra products to your order without your knowledge and then charge your credit card monthly for them. Overdraft are rampant in bank accounts of dermawand customers thanks to this company scam practices. Their customer...

Dermawand / want a refund for products not ordered

Dec 23, 2014

I ordered a dermawand and some of the lotion products to try. I did not sign up for recurring purchase of skin products. A month later I am being charged $116 for skin products which were shipped to me. I called customer service to obtain a full refund and the box is unopen and want to...

Dermawand / not honoring a return with rma

Dec 08, 2014

It irritated my skin horrible product and the customer service is always giving you the run around. It was after the 30 days to receive a refund. I was aware of that but I could not use the product, the rep. Put me on hold to talk to a manager. When she returned to the call I was informed...

Dermawand / dangerous, doesn't work, refuse to send return number

Aug 29, 2014

I ordered this producr from an infomercial in which they claimed you could just return it, no problems. They are insisting I call them, I am not wasting my minutes as I have read that they tie you up for a long time trying to get you to keep their product, and buy more junk from them. I...

Dermawand / unethical marketing / sales practices

Apr 16, 2014

Order# 783933 apr 16, 2014. I accepted the offer to a one pay made by dermawand with a promise of $20 off the price. Upon accepting and providing payment, I was taken to an online screen that already accepted the payment without permitting me to review the cost. I was charged at and the...

Dermawand / facial improvements

Mar 21, 2014

Dermawand is fantastic! Painless, safe, easy to use, affordable, private, successful. The truth is that it works! It does make you look younger when you use it properly. It does not burn! Its tingles and emits radio waves. Its a nice feeling actually. Try it you will love it. Debbie.

Dermawand / took my money

Feb 14, 2013

If it is to good to be true it is. Derma wand stole my money they were they not authorized to take money out of my account. I spoke to a brinan ext #292 and they say they did not receive my fax or the products back. I do not have the product. Do not not not buy this product.

Dermawand / never recieved product

Jan 19, 2013

Do not order this product!!! They will take your money and you never recieve the product. When you call they will give you a series of tracking numbers, none which are real. In the end they say it the customers responsibility to see why the post office didnt deliver it and you cant cancel...

Dermawand / dangerous


Derma wand is a terrible product. Do not purchase it! It's a scam. They would charge your credit card with higher amounts than authorized. They would charge your credit card with things you did not purchase. They would add sale taxes to the shipping and handling when there is no tax...