Dermawanddangerous, doesn't work, refuse to send return number

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I ordered this producr from an infomercial in which they claimed you could just return it, no problems. They are insisting I call them, I am not wasting my minutes as I have read that they tie you up for a long time trying to get you to keep their product, and buy more junk from them. I emailed them and asked them to send me the return number required for return. They responded insisting that I had to call them or I couldn't return the product and would be charged. I immediately cancelled the card I used to make the purchase, after reading horror stories about never receiving refunds, they insist they never received your return, they charge you more money then was agreed upon. I have sent them one more email, making it clear that if they didn't send me a return number, I either would just keep the product, as they can't charge me because they have no valid card number, or send it back without the number. They tell you if you return the product without the number, they will return it to you and charge you for postage and handling. Maybe i'll just keep it, why waste my money on shipping when they are so uncooperative. Don't ever order this product, as along with all the problems with returning it, it does absolutely nothing it promises to fact, many people have been burned and had awful problems with their complexions after using this product. Having had a dermatologist perform what this product claims to do, it was clear from the first time I used it, it in no way worked like the professional treatment. Its basically a flashing light bulb with a vibrating device which makes a clicking noise. I showed this to my dermatologist and she told me to send it back, I was lucky I hadn't suffered any damage and no company can provide something like this and claim it works as there is no fda approval, because it doesn't even qualify as a something they would even evaluate. I advise everyone out there who has purchased this product to immediately cancel their card used to purchase it, whether they think they will keep it or not, as it has been made clear by all of the complaints you will only lose more money and most likely never receive your refund.

Aug 29, 2014
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  • Ta
      Jan 10, 2015

    I notice that most of the reviews don't say whether or not they watched the instructional DVD, or actually read the instructions It is only dangerous if you don't use it correctly and Derma Wand tells you that. I just got mine today. However, I did see a difference, and will see more of one over time I am sure.

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  • Me
      May 21, 2017

    I was charged..Over charged before it even got her...Broken!...I returned it...Got chatged Again!!they returned far around $250.tgen wanted $25 for some screw the customer charge...had to close my debit card.Acct...rude, insulting, unethical...still have the pre-damaged thing..just take it back..Refund my $$$unauthrized pymts...finally...just send a New undamaged..product..Melissa Mamakos 716 Patterson Ave. Glendale CA 91203..[protected]...Thanks in advnce...Sincerly

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