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I had difficulties with this company a year earlier, but the issue was eventually resolved and I decided to give them one more chance, so I signed up for a monthly subscription of 5 image downloads per day per month. BIG MISTAKE!!! Every few days I have no access to my download allotment of images. If you don't download your allotted number of images, you lose them. When it happened once, I let it go, but it continues every few days. When they do give you extra credits to make up for the loss, they don't notify you so you don't know you have those credits until you check your invoices to find the credits that have since expired!!! And the payment issue submitted by another complainant is indeed an issue. It doesn't matter if you deselect the subscription with Paypal, DepositPhotos keeps taking funds anyway. The only way I could make it stop was to either let the credit card expire, or shut down use of that credit card with PayPal completely to keep DepositPhotos from taking funds. The idea that stopping a subscription is the subscriber's problem is ludicrous! I have other subscriptions through paypal and the companies bill one month at a time. There is always an option to renew automatically or manually, which is good business. DepositPhotos is still in business only because their subscribers have no way to stop them from stealing their money without a whole lot of grief and frustration. Rip-off IS their business model. Hey it worked for AOL and took involvement by the Federal Trade Commission to stop it. I'm not looking forward to the impending grief of stopping my subscription when it expires on January 20th. No doubt it will take a call to the fraud unit of my bank to get them to stop stealing money from me.


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