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Decor My Eyes / glasses

1 56 BEAUMONT STREETBROOKLN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-995-9373

I wanted to buy my mother a christmas gift and i knew that she wanted a pair of designer glasses. so naturrally, i wanted to buy her some genuine ones, but without the price tag that usually follows. I went searching online for a site that sold designer glasses but was cheaper. I came across a variety of sites but of all of them decormyeyes were the cheapest and promised the fastest delivery. Best of both worlds, right? Wrong. I wne t ahead and placed the order and during the time when it was placed and the time that it should have been delivered to my house, I started to have second thoughts about whether it was genuine. So, I contacted the company first via telephone and couldnt reach a person. Finally, after many attempts I was able to talk to a man that said that his name was Stanley. He explained that even though I had canceled my order, 20% of the price tag would still be deducted from the refund that I would eventually receive. This puzzled me because I had not read any of this before, during, or after the placement. So I called once again and the same voice answered. This too made me realize that the odds of a real company only having one person to answer the phone was highly unlikely. Another clue to allude to the fact that this site was a scam. Thank goodness that prior to the cancellation, I had called my bank and explained the situation. They recommended that I close down the account immediately and get a new credit card number. I took their advice and proceeded to inform this "Stanley" on our next conversation via email. After he was informed about the damper in his plans to cheat me out of my full refund, he sent back a reply email saying that he was glad that I had to go thru all the trouble of getting a new account number. I sent one back telling him to grow up and to look for someone else to cheat out of their money. He sent the email back saying that he had all of my information and would put it all over the web. Does this sound like a rel company would do? Think twice before you give your information out, especially if it sounds too good to be true. It usually is.

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  25th of Feb, 2009
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Decor My Eyes are Scammers! I purchased sunglasses for almost $300. I was sent scratched lenses (both) and scratched arms. When I tried to make a claim on my AMEX, Decor My Eyes chopped up their internet listing to 'show' that the item was damaged and was a customer return. Why would I spend almost 300 for a damaged item; let alone put scratched lenses in front of my eyes! They are fraudulent, and criminal, and they haven't finished hearing from me.

  8th of Jun, 2009
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They are a bunch of scammers!!! They screewed me outta $300 too, they sent the wrong sunglasses, and then said the ones I ordered were discontinued, plus they changed the receipt on me! Good thing I printed it out the day I ordered them. It's been almost 6 weeks and I haven't got my money back! Not to mention the "discontinued" Dior Airspeeds are still advertised on their website over a month later!!! I reported them to the IC3, it took some time to fill out the form, but I too want revenge on them, so I feel better about reporting them to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre

****WE NEED TO BOMBARD THE IC3 WITH COMPLAINTS ON THESE GUYS**** We can't let him get away with this!!! I don't know how he sleeps at night with all the hate mail all over the internet!!

****Whatever you do, keep your emails, shipment docs, order #'s, days you call, who you talk to, all the evidence you can get if you want to make any attempt at getting your money back!!!****

I'll be sending my story to a TV show like Marketplace or 16:9 The Bigger Picture, maybe they'll advertise what an aweful company they are!! I'm not done with them yet, they messed with the wrong person!!!

  6th of Jul, 2009
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Hi Beatrice it seems to all of us here on this site that you one, either are friends with Stanley Bold, two a employee relative or girlfriend of Stanley Bold or three, Stanley Bold himself which one doesnt really matter but you dont expect to convince this is a nice man after scores of complaints that all corroborate. So my point is your message or whatever you call it isnt going to change any body's mind about this horrible company further more you got authentic glasses and everyone else got knock offs, yeah right the more I write the more I believe you are Stanley Bolds.

  6th of Jul, 2009
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I am kicking myself for not doing the proper research before purchasing an item(s) online.

I ordered 2 pairs of Oakley prescription glasses from Decormyeyes which cost just over $600. I had contacted customer service on numerous occasions with no reply, and immediately began to second guess my decision. After one month, I finally received a tracking number from UPS, but had paid FedEx shipping charges (#@$%#). I have never received the full order, as they have only sent me one pair of glasses, where the prescription was sooo strong and incorrect that they are useless to me.

After trying to contact Customer Service and asking for the reasoning behind my botched order, I requested a refund. A man by the name of Tony Russo declined to give me the requested refund. After emailing three times, with little or no response, I decided to file a complaint with my credit card company to get my refund. I've now received a full refund from the credit card company!! After finding out that I was refunded, Tony Russo phoned me and was furious. After I explained the reasoning and the steps taken to get to this point, he threatened me by claiming he was going to call the police and that his lawyers were going "to ###ing ruin" me, for "###ing and screwing" him over. WOW. He blamed everyone involved in the process except for himself. He blamed me for wasting his time, claiming that he had lost valuable sales in the time that he was forced to deal with me. I had offered to return the glasses that he sent, but he still wanted to charge me for it.

After he ranted, I told him that I would contact my optometrist and double check the prescription, and that I would phone him the next day. He said that I could call him anytime of day or night, 24 hours a day, because he is a dedicated family man who works to provide for his young family...blah, blah, blah. Well, I didn't end phoning him back for a couple of days, and when I did, I got his voice mail. So I left a message explaining what had happened and to phone me back.

As of today, which is one week from the voicemail I left, he has not contacted me back, so hopefully the harassment and threats have stopped. I have still got one pair of glasses that are of no use to me, and a full refund from the credit card company. Can anyone recommend what my next step is?

  12th of Oct, 2009
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Decor My Eyes - Scammers
Decor My Eyes
New York
United States

Whatever you do do not get your glasses fixed at this place. I sent mine in to get fixed they fixed them without giving me a qoute it was 80 for a 100 frame absolutely insane they barely broke. I refused to pay it I payed for shipping in advance if you don't agree with there qoute well they never shipped them back. They have been avoiding me for weeks hang up on me when I call some guy name tony russo sent me a email saying he stole them just to be a dick now I have to go spend 200 and buy a new pair of glasses what a bunch of jerks 0 customer service. Alls I have to say is when I saw Brooklyn, New York as there mailing addresse i should of taken a hint no wonder why everyone hates new yorkers.

  27th of Jan, 2010
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This guy "Tony Russo" is running a con game. They are taking sunglasses that are sent in for repair and turning around and selling them. He is playing a con game and is getting away with it. He is running over 20 sites and doing the same things. You need to do the following:

File a theft report (and if you can get a recording of Tony, send it) to the District Attorney Kings Office – Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, [redacted], Better Business Bureau, Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), National White Collar Crime Unit, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Consumer Fraud Report, Federal Bureau of Investigation – Cyber Investigations Unit, and contact local news NY1, News 12 Brooklyn and submit your story to Dateline NBC and 60 Minutes. In addition, I contact every credit card company including but not limited to: PayPal, MasterCard, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express & Western Union.Also contact the hosting domains letting them know what kind of business they are doing. I am currently in the process of printing, contacting and compiling all complaints I can find on the internet and will submit packets of information to all the above for investigation. After completed I will contact the IRS, request an audit be done on all businesses related to but not limited to: Majesty Fashions Inc., website association:;; etc etc….

Don't let them get away with this!!!

  10th of Feb, 2010
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Tony Russo, Stanley Bolds

eMalish Corporation
56 Beaumont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Toll Free : 800-995-9373 or (800) 439-5168
Fax Number : 347-823-2967
From Australia : 61280147255
From United Kingdom : 442030516893

Watch out from this sunglasses and eyeglass seller, its called decor My Eyes and goes by other names and the guys name is Tony & Stanley which are the same guy & they dont even have astore, This guys sells out of his house in brooklyn, NY or NY area and sells to united kingdom, australia and has numbers for them as well, A HUGE FRAUD, He has threatened myself, family and friends that he was going to ruin our lives if we dont be sunglasses from him, We bought a pair of Sunglasses and they were broken, maybe fake and not what we ordered, We sent them back to him because they are not what I wanted, i sent him pictures of what I wanted and he sent us pictures back and he sent us something totally different and as I said they were broke and possibly fake, He said that he was going to charge me a restocking fee and I said no and I reported it to my ceditcard company and I proved myself in every way so i disputed it and I won, I took pictures, and had everything, Now he threatens me for $500 in email and phone calls everyday for the past 2 years and wont stop, he is always sending emails saying any word, and the said threats, he said he was going to kill me and call me jobs and our jobs and get us fired, I have over 300 emails saved, I just called 911 and going to supreme court tomorrow and lawyer to get an oprder of protection for my family and I know 6 other people that are very close to me that had the same problems and worse, This guy has 100's of complaints all over the placem consumer affairs, all online, everywhere, this iguy is a creep and very scary, he just wont stop, he had a bullcrap department call me that said they were the attorny and law division of decoy my eyes and it must of been his wife or some lady buy its all this guy Tony and Stan or Stanly, Stanle, ITS ALL THE SAME GUT, Like give me a break, A guy that sells glasses from his home have departments and law departments, Its all bull, He says he is a cop at 1st, He tried scaring me by saying hes a cop and he is going to get me and then he said he is retired, i found out he was never a cop, I have a huge case built up on this guy, Its crazy crazy stuff. Stay far far away, He also stalkes me and my family by searching for us on private friend sites, I go on myspace and i see a message from him saying haha i found ya, very creepy and my daughter got one also and she was and is very scared. He has many different wedsites too and they all look the same but all different names>
Customer Service at its Finest
Tony Russo, Stan, Stanly
Stanley Bolds

Toll Free : 800-995-9373 or (800) 439-5168
Fax Number : 347-823-2967
From Australia : 61280147255
From United Kingdom : 442030516893

These items are 100% brand new and Authentic, direct from the manufacturer. They come complete with certificate of authenticity, protective case and dust cloth. Every product is exactly as pictured. We own several stores around the country so there are no issues with authenticity. Our prices are much lower then the average retail location as we don't have to pay rent. Our site is the best place to buy sunglasses online. Our Prices are the lowest!!
Stanley Bolds
Toll Free : 800-995-9373 or (800) 439-5168Fax Number : 347-823-29
From Australia : 61280147255
From United Kingdom : 442030516893


  10th of Jun, 2010
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I totally agree with these comments. I was also ripped off by Tony Russo from or which is the same thing. I guess he changed the name due to so many fraud complaints. They had the ordasity to bill my credit card for shipping charges to send me a replacement they didn't even have. He should be in jail along with his entire crew. Thieves, thieves thieves.

  10th of Jun, 2010
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I sent a pair of Roberto Cavallis in for repair on 08/25/2009. I was told that they had been solder & weld for 39.99 and the nose pad had been replaced for 19.99 with free shipping for a total of 59.98. I received this receipt via the website on 05/06/2010. That is approximately 9 months later. I am now being told that they have lost the sunglasses and they are asking me what the frames looked like. Lindsay is who I have emailing is telling me to pick out another pair and she would sell them to me for wholesale price as of 06/10/10. I dont know what direction to take now after all the complaints I have read. Attached is a pic of my original $500.00 Roberto Cavallis, Katryder1

  11th of Jul, 2010
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I am sick to my stomach right now! I wish I read these messages before I ordered from this a**holes. Not only did that low life tony threaten me, reminding me that he knows where I live and that he would punch me if he saw me (mind you I am woman), he sends me the wrong glasses on purpose (4 weeks after I ordered them) and charges me a 20% restock fee when I return them as they were FAKE. The dumbass that he is, he put all of his threats in writing via email, so I have proof of what a loser he is. FYI- I am so cleaning up my language right now bc I have cursed him up and down.
This company needs to go down. Why isnt't someone doing something about this!!!

  7th of Dec, 2010
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Too bad this I didn't read this earlier. I think this guy was recently arrested in New York. That is why I only shop online at big retailers like htt://www. and Companies that I know have good reputations for customer service, reliability while still having good prices. Usually when prices are too good to be true, they probably are.

  5th of Mar, 2011
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Finely justice at last!! Just read the report in Australia in the Marie Claire mag, spectacular work to the woman that made it happen...unfort the website still comes up in Australia, hope they fix that soon.

  23rd of Jun, 2011
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This website decormy eyes are horrible people. They just recently send me an email again saying that their owner is in trouble and they want my feedback. And I replied what feedback you people are expecting, for fake sunglasses and and Ray Ban made in China. You guys just suck wasted my $160. You should be jailed for 20 years and all your money should be taken away and given back to all innocent people.

  8th of Aug, 2011
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Decor for eyes is an absolutely embarrassment!! My glasses were faulty within the first year of purchasing them and they refused to give a refund because only the hinges of the glasses were only covered!!! Absolute joke!!! I continued to argue with the person I was in contact with from the company, to receive a number of emails, including one that said "f*** you". When personally calling management, they refused to give me an apology and hung up on me!!! I still have the email today. At the time, because I live in Australia, there was nothing I could do. I just received an email about decor for eyes asking for positive testimonials due to legal problems, and all i can say is karma is a ###, and i hope the company gets everything they deserve. Obviously there are more people out there with similar problems and i can only hope the company and all their employees get whats coming for them!!!

  8th of Nov, 2011
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Decor My Eyes - Beware
Decor My Eyes
United States

Before sending my sunglasses, I emailed a picture of the broken parts to make sure it was repairable. I was told that "All items that you send are repairable no matter what the damage. I decided to send my glasses for repairs.

I first chose to pay with Paypal but it did not work. I then chose to use Google Checkout and paid for my transaction. In the next few days, I received several emails because the company thought I "abandoned my cart". The emails were pushy and rude.

I was finally told that my glasses were not fixable (I was initially promised that anything was repairable!)

I paid for shipping both ways because I was promised my glasses were fixable.

I therefore asked for my glasses back and a refund for the shipping I paid.

The owner and supervisor Tony called me an "idiotic customer", said he was going to throw away my glasses ($400 Dior sunglasses), and said if I wanted them back I would have to come pick them up in Brooklyn (I live in Florida!).

I’m speechless. I can’t believe I was ripped off and treated like that.

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