Decor Glamour / Wont return my $600 or effectively respond

United States

I placed an order on September 7, 2013 for a Whitehaus faucet that cost
$591.75. I completed the order and the money was drawn from my account. I
never received the faucet and on October 2, 2013, nearly an entire
month later... I emailed customer service and told them that I never
received my item and so I ordered the same item from a different
location (which I received right away) and that I wanted a refund on my
faucet that I had not yet received. I was met with an email from them
after that that said the item was back ordered and their apologies for
not making me aware. I then received a second email that same day saying
that my order was scheduled to ship the next day on Oct 3rd. (Obviously
someone did not process my order and once I emailed them, they
completed my 30 day old order) ... but anyways, I had already asked for a
refund and told them I purchased and installed the product from
elsewhere... so obviously I dont want them sending me one. So now 7 days
after that... this unwanted faucet shows up at my house. In which I
have to take back to UPS and pay money to have it sent back to them. Now
Im out well over $600.00. I called and told them to expect this
unwanted faucet back and that I wanted my refund. The person on the
phone told me he needed to speak to his manager and he would get back to
me. I have called them numerous times over the months and can never get
a hold of anyone as they are always celebrating Jewish holidays or are
not in the office for some other excuse. They finally call me back well
into 2014 and said that they still had not resolved my issue and were
trying with the supervisor. Then they called two days after that and
said that my request for a refund was denied because it was over 30 days
since I ordered the item!!! This mystery item that I did not even
want, and I received months too late. Now is been 9 months since this
incident and I am still trying to get my money back.

May 10, 2014

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