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I have had problems with both CarminGirl China and Dear-Lover to the USA.

Dear-Lover sent me 20 corsets made out of a ruinded / damaged fabric. I ordered 30 various sizes in all of the same corset between two orders, 10 were perfect and very nice, then the next 20 the fabric was made wrong so the textured design was bold as it should be in several places and then almost completely missing in random places throughout the corsets! It looked horrible! They had the nerve to tell me that it was supposed to be like that and refused to refund my money. Also any of their dresses and costumes are just trash; bows that are glued on, ripped lace, missing hems.

Charmin-Girl has now sent 2 orders of feather angel wings in boxes that are too small. I took out a tape measure and measured how big the wings would have been if they were not crumpled, then took the measurements of the box and it was over 3 inches that the box was too small in each direction. They responded both times that DHL had damaged the box in transit - the box wasn't even hardly dirty, much less damaged. It doesn't really matter what DHL did to the box though, it was too small to begin with when Charmin Girl shoved the wings in there! Then they told me that I have to place a larger order when I order the wings so that the box will be large enough. What?!?

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  • Sm
      20th of May, 2012 - Their quality is super bad
    United States

    Agreed, they replied more than 24hours and ship fees VERY high, additional their quality is super bad, i did no saw so bad quality baby doll.

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  • By
      30th of Jun, 2014

    Can you offer your order number to prove that you ever ordered on
    It is not a good idea to buzz the rumour everywhere. Respond asap or I will report to BBB.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jul, 2014

    I was so shocked to see such dirty complaints. In fact, I am a regular costumer of And from my shopping experience, I must admit that is a trustworthy wholesaler. I have bought lots of wholesale sexy clothes from And they all come with cheap prices but with high quality. Of course, I also have received some of the goods that have flaws, but the salesmen on are always willing to help and give me the satisfying answer.

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  • Gt
      15th of Aug, 2014

    i think you could try and maybe you may like their service.

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  • Be
      23rd of Sep, 2014

    I don't totally agree with the above comments. I do wholesale on for more than two years. It is a fact that there are some items in inferior condition but with quite low cost either; and most items are in superior condition with good quality material and trendy chic design. In a word, it is worthwhile to wholesale from dear-lover. I really benefit a lot by do business with dear-lover!

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  • Tr
      4th of Nov, 2014

    Dear-lover is a horrible website. they will sell you inferior chinese products with no quality control or rip you off completely or both. moonosa is worse

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  • Sa
      3rd of Mar, 2015

    Do Not Buy From Dear lover! I bought 10 dresses and they are all good only for garbage bin. Wasted $250

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  • My
      27th of Mar, 2015

    The first comment is not convincing dear lover is a trusworthy! Stop lying, you are envy of dear lovers
    performance and service!

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  • An
      22nd of Apr, 2015

    As a retailer my very first experience with Dear-Lover has been terrible. They took my money, gave me no details for the order, did not send my item and as of today tell me my item was lost! All in all I believe I've been scammed and will never see my product or money. I've contacted dozen's of people and no one will give me an adequate answer other than saying "don't worry". WELL I"M WORRIED! I asked for my money back but again I pretty much feel that won't happen. Money lost and down the drain, I will never buy from them again since it seems they are a scam. For US shoppers it's terrible because they know we are not going to get on a plane to get our money back. WHAT A RACKET!

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  •   7th of Nov, 2015

    Please try Only high quality sold at this website.

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  • Pu
      1st of Dec, 2015

    i think you could try and maybe you may like their service.

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  • Ba
      23rd of Apr, 2016

    This company's drop ship system is beyond awful, the lady in charge does NOT know what shes doing.they take too long to ship and then she tells me my order has been sent, as soon as i asked for my tracking number she didnt reply up until now.i have not heard a word from her.How can you ship my product and not have a tracking for it.What did she do with my shipping fee.I will be filing a claim with my bank as i want my full refund.

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  • An
      27th of May, 2017

    thanks for reviews i will not order from them you saved me $400 and the embarassment for sharing the name to other companies

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  • Do
      24th of May, 2018

    Thanks for saving me some time...sad!

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  • Ni
      21st of Jul, 2018

    Do not buy from this company!! I bought some clothing for my boutique and the shirts I purchased arrived with no seams sewn. So, the shirts were fraying on the sleeves and bottom and I was unable to sell. They refused a refund or exchange. They also admitted to over charging me for shipping, but also refused to refund. Buyer beware. Horrible, horrible company.

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