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Custom Built Personal Training / Failure to provide services and failure to cancel contract per their guidelines

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This company did not provide Personal Training services, trainers were overbooked, could not accommodate my work schedule. When I sent certified letter to cancel, along with the cancellation payment, they continued to withdraw funds from my account. I had to go to the bank and force the stoppage of payment. These guys are crooks!!!


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  2nd of Sep, 2008
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I too am going through a similar stressful situation. i sustained a knee injury and could not complete my training, when i tried to contact my trainer another employee told me to bring in a doctors note and that was the only way to get my membership canceled, after i had brought in a doctors note my trainer continued to avoid my calls and letters to contact me and lost my doctors note. now i owe over 200 dollars in delinquent fees because i had to put a stop payment on my account so they can no longer take funds out of my account. their training is not personalized and their customer service is absolutely absurd. I called the customer service department and they refused to let me speak with management and actually hung up on me.
  13th of Oct, 2008
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These folks are liars and should not be in business. I was told that I was to receive 2 sessions a week for. I did receive my 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks then was told that I would only be receiving 1 session a week after that. This was not what I agreed to. There was NO, I repeat NO misunderstanding. THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD HAVE AGGRED TO 1 SESSION A WEEK!!! I was also told that I could cancel the contact at anytime. I explained to him that I have 2 kids and just moved into a new house and I might find out down the road that I could not afford the additional expense. He said “No problem, I could cancel at anytime.”

I am still getting billed by them. I would suggest that anyone considering them do your self a favor and stay away.
  17th of Feb, 2009
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My wife and I joined a gym here in our town. Custom Built is the personal training company at this location. We used our 2 free sessions, then signed the contract for a year for 4 sessions a month. My wife used 1 session, came home and said she was not satisfied with the trainer and did not want to use the service. I have called on several occasions to cancel my contract with this company. All they want is the 288 dollars early termination fee. Plus the refuse to refund my money for services paid for but not used. They say that if the cancellation notice is not received 30 days or more before the next billing date, then you will be charged the monthly charge. I asked them why they cant just use the money i have already paid as the termination fee and keep the rest. I was then told that those are services I have paid for and I can use them any time. I do not want to use them. either give me my money back, or use it to cancel my contract and keep the change. I do not care. Looks like I will have to put a stop payment on the account. My credit is already screwed up so what if they send it to a collections agency. I refuse to pay anymore
  17th of Feb, 2009
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Check this out- I signed up for six months and on the first day of my training session, my personal "trainer" didn't even show up!!! I had to wait an hour at the gym to speak to a "manager" and all he did was give me a card with a customer service number to call. Thanks for nothing!!! Since I was within my three business days, I was eligible to cancel and get my deposit back. I went through the motions- sent a certified letter of my intentions and had it postmarked BEFORE the third business day. I waited about a month and got my "refund" check back.
Relieved to finally be done with the company, I deposited it back into my account. About a week later, I got my check returned to me from the bank for INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!!! I think to myself- how the hell does a company who scams people everyday and took MY money not have MY money to give me back?!!!
I immediately went to the police station and they told me to try to resolve it with the gym first. Again, I waited for a manager only to get another customer service number. Forget that! I'm taking this to court and I encourage anyone in a similar situation to not take this lying down. I'm fighting for what's rightfully mine, I employ you to do the same. I won't stop until they're out of business!
  8th of Mar, 2009
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I signed a contract with Custom Built back in December. My first 5 training sessions were with a "trainer" who was more concerned with signing up new customers and talking on his BlackBerry than training me. Several times he had me doing sprints in the parking lot while he talked on the phone. He didn’t even show up for my first session. Another time while I was warming up I saw him leave, when I asked where he was they said he had to run to the post office and would be right back. Two of my sessions only lasted 20 minutes. He eventually "passed" me on to someone else who was fine for the ONE session I had with him. When I made my appointment for the second session I told him I only had 30 minutes and could work out with him from 5 to 5:30, but I had to leave at 5:30 so I could get to my sons daycare in time. But when I showed up for my session I couldn't find him in the gym, but then I saw him training someone else. At 5:20 I told the "General Manager" about the situation and he apologized. My next appointment he didn't even show up and no one knew where he was. As a courtesy the new General Manager provided me with a free training session. She also took down my name and number and told me she would have the trainer call me and apologize and schedule my next session. So here I sit 10 days later, I have received no phone calls. By the way, I also learned that my first trainer was also a General Manager and should not have been training me because this was "double dipping". He was no longer working there because he had been fired. At this point I would just like my money back, but I imagine I would have to go to court for that to happen.
  23rd of Apr, 2009
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I am also having a very difficult time with them. I didn't the agreed upon workout written down for us. We never knew what trainer we would have. My bank closed the account that my fee was being taken out of bc someone tried to us my account. The gym fee went through so I thought my contract was done. Well guess what - it wasnt. They contacted me to tell me that I still owed them money. I emailed them asking them the amount was due for the rest of my contract. They told me $65. I mailed it to them only to receive another email stating that now my next months payment was overdue and I owed another $65. I then emailed them back and received a very nasty non professional email back stating I needed to just do what I was suppose to do and that they would have someone call me so I could tell them how I feel. I then called customer service after waiting for 5 days to have someone contact me. What they do is put you on hold for a very long time expecting you to hang up. Well after 15 minutes they had no choice but to speak to me. I spoke with someone that PROMISED me she would call me back. Well she never did. How surprising. I was also told I must give them 30 days notice because the contract goes beyond the contracted deductions. My friend was able to cancel hers without the 30 days but not me. They are very un-professional and not very good. I feel so sorry for the trainers they hire that might not know the type of company they are.
  18th of May, 2009
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I also have a contract with custom Built gyms (club 24 in Meriden CT), it was great in the beginning set schedule then my 1st trainer went to another gym. I waited for Club 24 to contact about me having a new trainer etc. Nope notta word. so i finally get my second trainer she's so booked that it was tough to get the schedule i needed. Then she leaves. In the meantime my financaial situation has changed I only have 4 more months left. I called not once but twice. I only got, " I will be sending you the peper work you need to fill out and cancellation fee is 320.00". They absolutely don't care. a dead person has more compassion then they do. I only picked this gym because it was on my way home. i guess I'll think twice about convience. Don't have to wrooy about them going ourt of business too busy riping people off.
  12th of Jun, 2009
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Besides the fact that the sales guy duped me into a contract (he verbally told me I only had to do it for a minimum of 3 months), I had a horrible experience with their corporate "customer service." I put it in quotations because it the term customer service must be used loosely here. I paid the ridiculous cancellation fee and then was continuing to be charged. I caught it after 2 months of being charged and immediately started trying to get in touch with them. I already knew how bad the customer service was because of a previous issue I had. You never get a live person when you call the CS dept and then it takes them 3 or more business days to get back with you. If you don't have your phone attached to your hip and you miss the call, all they do is leave you a message to call back and leave another message! It took me 5 times before I finally was able to pick up my phone when they called. I told the lady that I had never dealt with worse customer service in my life. Her response- "We can't make you pick up your phone!" Besides not getting an apology for frustration she decides to give a sarcastic response. I am truly truly disgusted with this company and want as many people as possible to know about it.
  17th of Jul, 2009
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These guys are scammers. I never wanted to sign up, but the guys ganged up on me after the introductory session an told me that I could cancel any time. The guy never gave me a copy of the contract he made me sign. Only when I talked to them about cancelling, di d he give me the copy and told me that I can not cancel without paying cancellation fees which is about five months fee.
Anyone thinking of a class action suite?
  28th of Jul, 2009
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I have been reading through these comments. I also had a terrible experience with a Custom Built in CT. I was not given the services promised, I did not work out with the same trainer ever, their trainers were completely unprofessional (I was even sexually harrassed by one who was terminated). Their customer service department is completely rude and unhelpful and refused to refund my money. I wrote letters to the Attorney General, Commissioner of Consumer Protection, and the Better Business Bureau for my state. I recommend anyone having issues with Custom Built and trying to get their money back do the same. If you have trouble finding the departments that can help, try going to your states website for help. I was refunded my money in full and Custom Built will now have to pay additional fees because they were not properly licenced in the state of CT.

Custom Built thinks that by telling you no you will just go away. DON'T...fight for what is right.
  6th of Aug, 2009
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OMG, custombuilthaterforever, that is so good to hear. I was thinking that all of us in CT are getting scammed now as our contracts come to an end (or so we think). I will do the same as you did and write letters and so forth. I called to cancel and they refused to cancel my membership unless i paid the deliquent fees. I disputed the charge on my credit card. There is no way they are going to get paid past my contract period.
If you have any more specifics on what you did for those of us in CT, we can all fight back together111
  17th of Aug, 2009
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I am having a hard time with them also in CT. My trainer, who I was assigned, was fired for stealing money and being unprofessional. Then another one was fired for harrassing women! Custom built does not care about customer satification at all. I do not want to pay or support a company that hires people like that! Plus, the woman at the HQ, Judy, is just as unprofessional as everyone else. If anyone else wants to join together to complain, let me know. I am writing to the people mentioned above. Heck I may even call News Channel 8 and let everyone know in the area not to use them!
  2nd of Sep, 2009
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After a year of using Custom Built personnel training I hand delivered a written cancellation which the representative took and said he would take care of it. Six months later they are hitting my credit card, stop back and the representative says sorry I will take care of it. A year later they are still hitting my credit card, put a stop on it. Now it has been a year and they now say I owe 800 more before they will accept my cancellation.
They have nothing to do with training there all about stealing your money.
  14th of Sep, 2009
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About a month ago, I used my free initial consultation wit CBPT and got suckered into a 6 visit a month deal. Knowing I did not have the time or the money to afford a year contract, I was told that a month by month membership was a good choice for me. I was told that to cancel, all they need is month's notice. A month into it, I realize that I cannot commit for a full year and give my notice. To my surprise, there is now a $378 cancelation fee. I was NEVER told his at my meeting. Apparently on the back of the contract in SMALL PRINT the fee is explained. I find it interesting how the back of the contract was NOT DISCUSSED during my initial meeting and that the front only contains information about needing one month's notice. I then asked if instead of losing $378 I could just go down to one visit a month----but that is "not company policy". Apparently CBPT is not interested in maintaining customers, or let me rephrase, happy customers.
  6th of Oct, 2009
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Yep- I was suckered too. I was told " we can accomodate your schedule"-total crap. I was told " unlike OTHER trainers, we provide a workout schedule you can do when you're not training with us"-never happened. I was never weighed, measured, never had the nutritional counseling. To top it off, they had a "special" a month after I signed and those people are paying HALF what I am. My husband is the one who noticed the cancellation fee, too bad it was a week after I signed. I want to cancel, but I have tried contacting CBPT like everyone else here, and NOONE ever contacts back. The worst part is I don't even feel like going to my gym because even if this gets dealt with, I will have to see those idiots there every day. I am disputing the charges through my creditcard company now. I would even suck it up and pay the cancellation fee if I thought it would make them go away...
  6th of Oct, 2009
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"These guys are scammers. I never wanted to sign up, but the guys ganged up on me after the introductory session an told me that I could cancel any time. The guy never gave me a copy of the contract he made me sign. Only when I talked to them about cancelling, di d he give me the copy and told me that I can not cancel without paying cancellation fees which is about five months fee.
Anyone thinking of a class action suite?"

The EXACT same thing is happening to me! And on top of that, their "customer service" representative was unbelievably rude and unhelpful! I have every intention of filing a formal complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau. I am also demanding my money back and if they deny me, I fully intend on filing a law suit.
  6th of Oct, 2009
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Oh and if this is of any relevance I'm in CA. So they're just as horrible here as in CT.
  6th of Oct, 2009
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I too just went through this - one year deal - canceled me - owe me $1, 000 and they do not pay their trainers - my poor trainer - has not been paid!!!
  6th of Oct, 2009
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This happened in Redondo Beach - so I guess Custom Built are frauds everywhere - this sucks!
  9th of Oct, 2009
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Don't feel bad, Custom Built has taken over the personal training of InShape Gyms in Bakersfield CA and won't pay the personal trainers. They have to beg for the paychecks, make numerous calls to the Regional Manager, and you guess it no return calls or paychecks. My son has been trying to get his paycheck from August of 2009 with no success, so now I'm taking it to the local news media to have Custom Built and their managers exposed.

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