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This company "Cultural Care Au Pair" are nothing but criminals. They fool both the aupairs they recruit along with the host family's they find as well.

For the Aupairs they recruit, they will recruit anybody and I do mean anybody. They tell them that it will be a cultural exchange with American families and they get to travel America. They describe it to them as a vacation with very little or easy work for them. Bottom line, these aupairs gain no cultural experience whatsoever. The only thing they gain is how to change diapers and how to become a maid or slave. These aupairs are promised one thing and are given the shaft when they get to the homes of the host family that they are assign too. And if a problem arrises for them, they have no help from the LCC (the point of contact for the company) and are threaten by them to keep their mouths shut.

For the host family, they receive an aupair who has NO experience rasing kids, cannot drive a car, cannot clean, and cannot cook a simply meal for the kids. They don't even know how to change a diaper until they are shown in the 4 day training in New York. Once the aupair arrives at the host families house and they receive their $7, 000 check, that's it! You will never hear from these people ever again if you need help from them or need to switch or get rid of your aupair if a problem arrises. They are crooks and perfrom a bait and switch with these aupairs. Even if your experience is so bad with them as far as your aupair and you decide you want out of the program even if it's just been 24hours, you will by no circumstances ever get a refund.

Stay away from this company. They take your money and give you someone who doesn't have a clue what is going on at all!

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      Sep 06, 2009

    This is not the standard - you must feel awfully hurt if you have had such an experience. I'm a Host Mom, and we've had a wonderful AuPair (extended with same for another year). The Host Parents get to screen who they select, and even call the references, even though Cultural Care Overseas has checked them. The experince is included on their applications and is verified of the number of hours and type of care (infant vs. school aged). As a Host Mom, I don't expect a "maid", or a "chef", but I do expect someone to love and nurture my children ~ this I have received, and yes the children's laundry on occassion during the day. The AuPair gets a stipend - plus other benefits, such as educational, and many travel with their Host Families or in their off time. After being a Host Family for over one year, my husband and I became LCC's to support our group with training, and meetings. The program is not right for everyone, but I have been impressed. The average for our child care has been a little over $320 per week. (The aupair now gets $198 + room and board, and often other benefits - we have bought her gifts and paid for additional classes for her in college that we didn't have to fund). It's not all bad - it just has to be the right fit, and for many familes and AuPairs ~ it's a great match. You can email me at: es.[protected] or reach me on my website at http://[email protected] You may also call me for my experience in the program and for current discount codes [protected]. Good Luck in your child care search. PS - Familes that are interested genuinely in a cultural exchange make the best matches :)

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  • Cu
      Sep 30, 2009

    ThompsonSpivey, IhateCCAP is right. Cultural Care Au Pair has been fooling host families and au pairs alike, forever. There might be some screening done here in the US for the host families, but when it comes to the au pairs, give me a break. My first au pair had serious mental issues and received treatment at the school where she was recruited, although her application was "clean". Her replacement had no experience with infants whatsoever, all her references on her application where phony. If you had a decent experience with this company, luck must be on your side, but don't call on others who where abused and neglected by the same people.

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  • Mo
      Oct 21, 2009

    I hate CCAP..who are you and what is your experiencec with CCAP that you feel like you can say these would be helpul if you could detail why you feel this way. Otherwise, I am inclined to think you are just one of these disgruntled families or employees with an agenda. I had an issue with Cultural Care regarding my last au pair and I was very happy with how they resolved it...but I would be interested in hearing more about why you hate CCAP so much and what basis you have to make such claims about them.

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  • Pr
      Feb 18, 2012

    Help i'm about to join this agency because there is no other way for me to spend a year as an aupair in america, I've had years of experience with housekeeping, childcare and cooking. I also have years of education. I want to have an experience of a lifetime, I want to work hard and experience american culture. Most of all I want to have mutual interest in the care of children while also making friends. I don't want to be put in the same category as inexperienced aupair's Is there other agencies!!

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