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Colorado, United States

Here's what happened to me. We had a Cultural Care au pair for 9 months and then I found evidence that she was stealing cash from us. Cultural Care promptly removed her from our home and sent her back to her home country. What we should have done at that point is get 60% of our money back for the rest of our weeks left. This is the contractual amount that can be refunded if the host family decides to quit the program. Instead, Cultural Care convinced us to rematch with another au pair who was in transition. She had had problems with her previous family and not having chemistry with that family. I spoke to her on the phone and explained to her about my kids, her schedule, etc. Because she had more time left on her contract, we paid out another $3700 to finish out her year and we would have more months of au pair childcare.
Well, she was here for eight days, told our LCC that it 'wasn't what she expected' and 'wasn't what she signed up for', bought a plane ticket home, and left two days later, without any discussion with us. We treated her nicely, she just didn't want to work. She shouldn't have been rematched in the first place because she had admitted (after we hired her) that she had had a stress reaction with her other family, was really homesick, etc.
Anyway, Cultural Care refused to give us our money back except for the 60% contractual amount. By this point, my kids had lost two au pairs in a month and were really not wanting another one, neither were my husband or I. That is why we decided not to hire another au pair and put out more money.
So, out of almost $5000, we received just slightly over $3000 back from them. I went back and forth with Cultural Care saying that we were mislead and our most recent au pair was misrepresented to us and we should receive more money back. They ultimately agreed to give us an extra $400 (out of almost $2000 they were keeping), but in order to receive that I had to sign an agreement saying the terms were confidential and I would never say anything bad about their company.
I refused to sign it and they ended up keeping $2000 from us with no services rendered for that. They did not even consider that the product they sent us (the most recent au pair) was a 'lemon' and the refused to stand behind their product.
I would NEVER use this company again. We had a wonderful LCC, but the corporate people don't care about their host families or their au pairs, just the money they receive and their 'contractual agreements.'

Aug 14, 2014

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