Culligan Water / buyer beware

United States

I called Culligan when we moved into our home with an existing system. The "technician" spent all of two minutes looking at my system and told me that it was too old too repair or service and then introduced me to a sales associate who had just happen to come along with him. Afterwards, when Culligan inexplicably billed me almost $300.00 for the "service call" (again, the service person did nothing except introduce me to the sales person and I never wanted a pitch in the first place!), I refused to pay. Culligan threatened to send me to collections and the sales rep told me to "sue" and "take it to court" if I wasn't happy. These are extremely shady practices!! BTW, I've since learned that Culligan will install a very pricey "top of the line" water system, but then will come out with a newer version in a few years and will refuse to service your system saying the parts aren't available or its too old, etc. It's just a racket!! I will never let a Culligan technician or sales person in my home again.

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