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Cuisinart / bad service

150 Milford RdEast Windsor, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Within a year of owning the Cuisinart coffeemaker DTC 975 series, I had it replaced once; the second pot malfunctioned within 2mos. Total cost of shipping on my part approx. $20. for each replacement. Told by Co. rep. out of thousands of coffeemakers there may be 50 defective. I of course received two of them. Why should I incur the extra expense of shipping for their defective product. I've decided not to chance another defective pot and absorb the loss. The original cost was $99.00. I've been using a 5yr old back up pot while waiting to resolve this issue; original cost $20.


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  13th of Dec, 2007
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Cuisinart / Electric Can Opener - Electric can opener!
United States

I bought this more expensive electric can opener only about a month ago and now I just want to give it away to some unsuspecting person on Freecycle. It's a piece of garbage that can't open a can in just one cut. Try ten cuts and you may get the can opened enough to pry into it and scoop out the contents. It can't grab the can. The lever with the blade keeps falling off and you have to hold the lever 'just right' to get it to contact the slippery black button switch that runs the motor.

I should have just flushed the 40 bucks down the toilet. I'm back to using my cheap hand held from the grocery store and that thing opens every can perfectly the first time.

Cuisinart= Crap.
  24th of Oct, 2008
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Cuisinart Kitchen Tools - Bad service
Cuisinart Kitchen Tools
1006 Chancellor Ave
Maple Springs
New York
United States

Bought this at Smart & Final several months ago and first had occasion to use it this past week. Performance generally satisfactory, but the ratchet mechanism is so flimsy that use of a stiff mixture can bend or break teeth, rendering the device inoperable. My past experience with caulking guns (same mechanism) tells me that the designers didn't actually test it for use with the normal range of baking & pastry products. It's a shame, because the brand name is well regarded, and this product does not live up to expectations.

Redesign/strengthen the ratchet system and this could be a very serviceable tool.
  25th of Jul, 2009
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Cuisinart - Dangerous
United States

I put boiling chicken broth into the blender, following the directions on how to handle hot liquids. I was holding the lid tightly on the blender. When I turned the machine on, the top of the blender blew off with incredible force. I have serious burns on both of my forearms and my chest. Luckily, the liquid did not get on my 7 month old infant who was sitting nearby in her high chair. VERY DANGEROUS!!!
  24th of Aug, 2009
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Cuisinart mixer and toaster - Products ordered and charged to credit card never received
Metro Market I-Kitchen
1204 Avenue U #1087
New York
United States
Phone: 718-989-9318

March 17, 2009 - I ordered via email
1ea Cuisinart smartpower 5 speed chrome mixer PN321-HTM-5CHFR
1ea Cuisinart 4 slice metal retro toaster PN321CMT400PFR

I was told at the time the items might be on BO. If so, I would receive notice from their customer service within 1-2 buisness days otherwise the order would ship within 5 days to arrive within 2weeks of shipment.

I contacted them a month later to find the items were on B/O 1-2 weeks out. As soon as they were received the items would ship immediately.

I have internet access only through my place of employment. My employer sent me to classes for 6 weeks. When I returned I contacted them again and requested they credit my account on July 14, 2009 which has never happened. I have copies of the emails. I have tried to contact IKitchen via telephone with no response.
  5th of Dec, 2009
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I have the opposite experience to customer service. I called with a serious malfunction of their Classic Fry Pan. The handle broke in half while I was attempting to emty hot oil into sink after cooking my meatballs. Lucky the heat resisent rubber handle covering metal handle allowed me a little leverage to drop it immediately on the floor as to not burn myself. It burned my kitchen floor and splashed oil all over. This pot was six months old. I had the nicest customer service rep named Delores whotened to me and very pleasantly told me what to do and where to send broken pot. I just mailed on Dec 3 and I hope they will be sending me a new pan. I paid 25.00 for this at Bed Bath and Beyond and if I had receipt they would have changed it. I asked Delores what happens to Quality control these days Anyway the customer reps dealt with were very NICE and that is rare I agree for customer service in any corp. Ill post the outcome either way. I hope they replace
  24th of Feb, 2010
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Please note approx 2 years ago i bought Cuisinart Blender model CBT-500. I bought it because of the standard company name. However since i bought i was not happy. Blender is very loud. Always have problem in opening and whenever i blend something liquid it leaks. Now at preasent time when i am using i smell the burning smell.

I called Customer Service Department informed me in regards to my product and the said it is out of warranty. and would not replace.

I have paid $100 + tax for this blender and if i can not use for even 2 years what kind of product you are providing to your customer.

Sent written note to Cuisinart that i need solution for my product, or i need to replace for this product or i need my moneyback. As i told you since i bought it is defective unit.

Ann Marie, Cuisinart Representative she insisting that i need to have receipt. I don't mean to reutrn so i do not have receipt. Coustomer service is very poor and i will never buy any cuisinart item and i will tell my friend also not to buy

pappu sodhani

3 Masar Road

Boonton NJ 07005
  14th of May, 2010
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sent toaster back because it doesn't brown evenly on each side; they sent me a replacement and it does the same damn thing...this is a 4 slice $80 toaster...i resent having to pay $9 to send the first one back; i thought cuisinart meant top of the line; it is really just a fancy name for junk..

steve lilly
3468 wyoga lake rd
apt 107
cuyahoga falls, oh 44224
  23rd of Oct, 2010
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after 4 replacement espresso makers in one year they wont return my calls and now they say its out of warranty and it has a 3 year warranty, i e-mailed them proof its only 1 year old, they still wont call me, the em 100 espresso maker is not made good.
  30th of Nov, 2010
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Cuisinartwebstore.com - A company that is not consumer oriented in the least
United States

A company that is not consumer oriented in the least! When a replacement part was ordered (with belief it matched model on food processor bowl) . There was no accomodation for a return that necessitated being returned later than the 30 days (five days late due to hospitalization and medical needs of purchaser). Anyway, repeated contact resulted in idiotic replies like; "return item as per directions on shipping site" It had already been returned. and "You will have to send us your previous email, we cannot find it". Service got more repetitive in responses and was basically lousy and with no sensitivity to a customer and medical needs that prevented attention to the deadline for returns.

Item was never used, since it was the wrong model work bowl, and the company gave no credit, shipping reimbursement or service.

Boo to them and Cuisinart for letting them soil their good reputation.
  30th of Nov, 2010
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Cuisinart.com - This experience was extremely disappointing, and I believe I was deceived
United States

This experience was extremely disappointing, and I believe I was deceived. Just over one week ago we broke the 14 cup carafe for our Cuisinart coffeemaker. The physical retailers do not stock that size part so I went to the Cuisinart.com website to purchase a replacement. What Cuisinart never told me was that they would not handle my order even though the entire transaction took place on the Cuisinart.com website. I printed out the order confirmation at the end of the process and it has a Cuisinart.com web address, and during the entire process it never mentions the independent separate store CuisinartWebstore.com. Nevertheless, the next day I received an email from CuisinartWebstore.com confirming my order and informing me that I would receive an email when my item shipped. I expected it to ship that day because it was not listed as back ordered. I also did not pay attention to the Cuisinart Webstore name at that time as I wrongly assumed that it was just the name of the Cuisinart.com webstore.

It was 3 days later when the item still had not shipped and I started looking for contact information that I first realized that my order had been shunted off to a third-party. Now I can accept that if I am properly advised, and if the third-party site can handle the order but in this instance neither happened.

Now here is the thing about having a broken carafe. It is essentially the same as not having a coffee maker, because any possible temporary alternative will not properly depress the lever that lets the coffee drip out into the carafe and that keeps coffee in if you pour that first cup while the machine I still brewing. So speed is of some importance. If I knew the item was back ordered I would have checked other retailers who carry it, such as Amazon, and I would have a carafe by now. Instead both Cuisinart and Cuisinart Webstore combined to deceive me into placing an order on a back ordered item.

So Friday morning I email Cuisinart Webstore because they do not provide a phone number. I express my disappointment and ask if the order can be cancelled so I can place the order elsewhere that will be more timely. I do not receive an answer until after close of business Friday evening The response ignored my inquiry about cancellation and simply states matter of faculty that the item was back ordered but now is soon in stock and my "order is scheduled to ship within the next 24-48 hours." Which is interesting, because the next 48 hours were weekend hours and she did not specify 1-2 business days. She actually wrote this at 5:14 pm on a Friday. Not surprisingly, iIt is now Monday morning, more than 60 hours since I was told my item would ship in 24-48 hours and I have received no email informing me that my item has shipped. It is now also one week since I ordered an item from Cuisinart.com that was not listed as back ordered and it has not shipped. Cuisinart.com has not answered the email I sent to them on Friday.

I have since gone back through the Cuisinart.com ordering process with close attention and confirmed that it does not provide the information that the order will be handled by an independent retailer.

I hold both Cuisinart.com and CuisinartWebstore.com equally responsible for this deception. Cuisinart is directly responsible for failing to advise me that the item was back ordered and for failing to tell me they would give my oder, and my personal information, to a third-party. CuisinartWebstore is responsible for doing business on this basis. They must know that Cuisinart sends them orders for fulfillment without properly notifying customers.
  14th of May, 2011
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I have had nothing but problems with them. for me it was a grill, which got great reviews, but there were no legs in the package, I couldn't get live help to help me get new legs. I tried to order parts, including a grill stand, through them, and the website is all messed up. Finally did order, and the package arrived without the grill stand, and now I can't get anyone to help me locate the stand. I'll never buy another cuisinart product, for fear of having to deal with them again.
  18th of May, 2011
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Cuisinartwebstore.com - Don't order anything from this website if you actually ever expect to receive the product
United States

I ordered something on April 18th. received an order confirmation on the same day. It is now May 17 and I haven't heard a peep from them since.
- No phone number to call
- No response to my message via their contact form.

At this point I am wondering if I have been scammed and how bad. Don't order anything from this website if you actually ever expect to receive the product.
  28th of Jan, 2012
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Cuisinartwebstore.com - Poor service
United States

Three orders trying to get the right part. Now, with over $200 already charged against my credit card, I have to try once more to find someone who knows Cuisinart food processors well enough to find the right part. Some of what they've sent me isn't even in boxes--just has yellow stickies with alleged part numbers! Currently, they're refusing to give me a fax number; apparently they don't want my problem in writing. They insist that I call, which hasn't worked yet.
Avoid this store and get your Cuisinart parts on eBay, which is less hassle.
  14th of Jan, 2013
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I have a similar problem.
DCC-1200 brushed stainless coffee maker.
After just over 1 year, the maker just quit. Light comes on, but no heat.
I also received an email from the company stating that it is covered under warranty.
However, they also want me to pay for shipping it to them, as well as pay for "shipping and processing" for them to send a replacement to me.
Perhaps they could provide a better warranty if they would produce a better product.
Dissatisfied with the product but even more dissatisfied with Cuisinart Customer support.
  29th of Jul, 2016
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I have a Cuisinart Model CWC-1600 Serial#80629 Wine Cooler. I have had it for several years and the small fan for the condenser went out. I have emailed them three times asking to purchase the fan. They still sell the same cooler. I get no response to the emails. Finally stayed on hold for 16min.
to talk to customer service. I got the lady on the line and ask how I could go about purchasing this fan. She stated they don't give us any information on purchasing parts. I ask is there someone I could contact, she said I have no idea. She said go to our online store and purchase a new cooler and tell them customer service said to give you a 20% discount. Checked the price in their online store, they are priced $50 higher than the local store. All I want is a $20 fan. What happened to Customer Service? No such thing at Cuisinart.

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