Cub Cadetno help with from cub cadet customer service

I had purchased a brand new 2X snowblower for $800 this past year from Home Depot.I also purchased an extended repair program for $150 so I would not have any issues. I never used it after purchase and stored it properly as cub cadet informed me too. I went to start it for the first time this winter and it would not even get close to starting. I was on the phone numerous times all the week of 1-15-18 thru 1-19-18. I had to take it to a cub cadet serviceman near me and pay for the repair myself. It was $80. I was told it was a fuel issue that it is my problem. That is an unacceptable answer to my problem. If it has never been used how is that the customers problem. It clearly came from the manufacturer with the problem. Or the store. All I asked was for help with that payment to keep a good customer happy. So from here forward neither myself or anyone I know for that matter will ever do business with your products again. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the work done because I was just told about the problem. There wasn't anything to show me. According to the rude Cub Cadet customer service representative.

Jan 22, 2018

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