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CTU Online / fraud and cheating

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:
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I spent 2 years and borrowed over $30, 000 in student loans to achieve my associates degree. After waiting for many months for my degree to arrive in the mail I finally called to find out when they were going to send it to me. To my surprise I was told I still owed the school $1500. I enrolled in the bachelor's program, I was then sent an email stating that I had enough in student loans to cover the bachelor's program and the left over amount from the associates program, however the degree will not be sent to me until March of 2009.

If they have all the money I owe them for both programs, shouldn't I be entitled to my hard earned associates degree diploma? I finished the associates program in April of 2008.

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  • Ka
      14th of Jan, 2009

    people need to know wat is going on and by this website people can find the bad things too

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  • Ka
      14th of Jan, 2009

    but r u getting it?
    cuz im taking a bachelor course here too and i wanna make sure that it actually works i dont want to work hard and pay so much if im not gonna get my degree.. let us know if u actually get it?

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  • Cu
      23rd of Apr, 2009

    My courses ended in December of 2008 and I received my diploma in January of 2009...I am sorry you are having issues

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  • La
      12th of Jul, 2009

    My husband attended CTU online starting Oct 2008. When it was time to fill out his fafsa, I told him I could help him with it. When he told the lady with CTU, she got hateful and said she was already on the phone and was going to. She refused to tell me anything about the process. My husband also told them that there was no way he could afford school unless he had finacial aid for cost of living. He was told that was not a problem. He was also told that his class schedule would work around his job.

    In December, he still had heard nothing about his finacial aid and CTU was no help. We lost our internet and he could not continue to make his classes. When we finally found out something, he had been withdrawn and only then did he get the finacial aid company's contact info. coincidently, it was through a division of my bank.

    CTU Online submitted his name incorrectly. His middle name was not recognizable and caused his fin aid to be denied. My husband was trying to enroll in our local college and had to have the transcript from CTU. We submitted documentation of his name directly to the company providing his loans. Then we found out that he was not even getting enough to pay the fees associated with his school costs, just the actual tuition. We still had to come up with another $57. The person we talked to then (this guy would actually talk to me) described a paper my husband signed waiving rights to extra fin aid. My husband said the woman told him it was "standard paperwork" that he had to sign to attend. When I told this guy that my husband has a learning disablility and the woman would not let me be involved so I could look over the paperwork, he just apologized and said he couldn't do anything about it.

    We also found out that my husband was withdrawn and not given credit for assignments that he turned in. His withdrawl date was 2 weeks before we lost our internet, some of his grades had disappeared. When he had logged in everyday before the internet was shut off, it still showed him as enrolled.

    The worst comes now. Because of the transcript problem, my husband could not enroll at our local college in the summer. We paid the $57 and then paid to have his transcript rushed to our local college. It has been over 2 weeks and our request is listed as received, but not processed.

    CTU Online will screw you over, then make it difficult to transfer anywhere else. And CTU Online's excuse for withdrawing my husband is that he did not attend required chats that were hosted while he was at work. These never fell on the same day or time, so it was impossible to work around. Saying they work around your schedule is another big CTU lie.

    Most likely, if you check into it, the $1, 500 you owe is the fees the school charges and you won't get anything from them until you pay out of your own pocket. Even then, it seems there is no guarantee when you will see that degree.

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  • Hf
      3rd of Jan, 2010

    I am sorry you had a bad experience, but a lot of the things you are complaining about here are just common sense. You should always apply for student aid and wait for it to be processed before starting classes so you know how much you are actually getting. If a representative from the school couldn't talk talk to you about your husband's FAFSA, you should have just called FAFSA (there number is on their website) and talked to them directly. You're going to school online, therefore, if you can't get to school online you'll be withdrawn. That's just common sense. If you don't show up for class for awhile at a regular brick and mortar college, you'll be withdrawn. I remember when I went to a community college that if you missed more than three days of class you failed. Also, from the very beginning, CTU constantly reminds students to have a backup computer available for emergencies. Did your husband try going to the public library to complete his classes?

    I don't understand how you could have not known the breakdown of your charges. You can click right on the "Accounts" section and see a breakdown of all of your tuition, charges, and fees. Furthermore, all of your signed Cash Agreements are available for viewing online. You're excuse about them saying he missed required chats is a bunch of crap. CTU doesn't require you to go to the chats live, or at all actually. They are optional and all recorded so you can view them whenever. When you log onto your class it shows your last date of attendance. If you don't attend for more than three days they email you and start calling you. Therefore, it's not like you couldn't have seen this coming.

    The only thing I agree on is that they are a little slow in processing paperwork.

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  • Ni
      30th of Mar, 2010

    CTU ONLINE bunch thieves they took my money $3000 for a class that I did not take it . I withdraw. Now, I am stuck with a loan that I did not ask for but unfortunaly, I was stupid and sign a paper and they did the numbers to take my money! PLEASE< WE NEED PROTECTION AGAINST THOSE THIEVES

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  • Mi
      6th of Jul, 2010

    I have no bad experiences with CTU Online I am glad that I decided to attend. I lost my job and thought it was time to go back to school and at least get my Associates Degree. It has not been easy but honestly htat is my own fault. I started taking two classes at a time. They had me on payment plan. Then I changed to one class per quarter it has been a lot easier. I will graduate in June of 2011 and i started in August of 2009. I have had a little struggle with the math classes. But all in all it has been a great deal of fun. CTU doesn't require you to go to the chats live, or at all actually. They are optional and all recorded so you can view them whenever. When you log onto your class it shows your last date of attendance. I feel that a lot of the complaints listed here are just people not doing what they needed to do. I did everything right. When I started they told me I had to pay an old student loan before I could get the new one I did and three days later I started class. I started with a cash agreement and when I could no longer pay they helped me reschedule classes so I could continue without a cash agreement.

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  • Th
      21st of Jul, 2010

    I am glad that some people had a decient experience with CTU online, but mine has been quite different. First, I was set back 3 months because I had to switch teachers in my JAVA 1 program because he had such an accent that I could not understand a word that he was speaking. Immediatly after the school withdrew me from the class because I was not aloud to switch teachers, they switched teachers for the entire class. I did receive money back from that class after many phone calls, but I was still set three months back. Recently, I had an awful instructor who actually lied about posting source code. If you have to explain to an IT instructor what source code is, then it is in my opinion that that person should no longer be an instructor. Again, after multiple phone calls I was paid back for my period in that class as well. Finally, I just recieved a bill for around $250 that said it was past due on 7/15/10 for my student financial agreement. I checked my accounts and the school still owes me $600 and there has been no agreement signed. The due date on the signed agreement is 7/19/10. Anyone can understand that if an agreement is due on a date prior to the payment someone in accounting has seriously screwed up. Since then I have been withdrawn twice, not on my own accourd, placed back in the class they had already paid me for, netting me an F against my 3.95 GPA. Finally they got me back on schedule and today I received my third notice of withdrawl. This school is rediculous. I am looking into Phoenix, and have been in contact with them, and they are stating that most of my classes will transfer. In fact the school is ranked number one in online universities yet costs less. I urge users to stay away from Colorado Technical University. Luckly, I used to run an Oil Buisness, and am still a consultant for that buisness. I have been in negotiations with my attornies I believe that the school is in for finacial loss. Save yourself the stress and stay away. In addition to all of this they have there own department posting comments on this obviously "hfybny ". I have seen this from many shaddy companies in the past and this is simply just another one of those. I will deliver my attornies' papers to the school directly today. Lets see how tough those little student advisors are when face to face with the person they decided to get an attitude with.

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  • Bu
      31st of Jul, 2010

    um, nikkiryan, considering NO CLASS at CTU costs anywhere near $3000 we all know you're just mad that you can't spell or write worth a darn. You probably failed a class trying to turn in an assignment with the same horrible writing technique you used in this post and are just bitter.

    For all reading these posts... take them with a grain of salt and look at the quality of the content. Would you have passed these people? Didn't think so.

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  • Uk
      27th of Mar, 2018

    @BunchofWhiners CTU charged me 3200.00 per class.

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  • Hm
      28th of Aug, 2018

    @Ukr Your comment is also 8 years after the original post by @bunchofwhiners

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  • Kl
      1st of Sep, 2010

    i feel the school is great when it comes to the instructors and class work my kids can follow this the only problem i am having is with financial aid i can't get a good answer on my refund ive been told 5 different dates and there is some kind of problem with the pell grant my pell grant was to be posted 7/14/10 but nothing yet one reason was they submitted my name wrong but i was told that has been corrected but still no pell grant i have been attending here for some months now and my sister signed up for school last week she is also taking online classes but at a different school guess what she already has her pell grant someone tell me whats wrong.

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  • Ct
      16th of Oct, 2010

    Alright, I don't know where to start here. 1: IF it was a scam, would the government "FAFSA" even host it, and it become an accredited school? (SP?) Answer is NO

    For all you dumb [censor] who don't know your S from your $ they used you. Sorry to say. They used you. They take idiots who KNOW they can't do school and get their money, then after they get your money, put you through [censor] classes to get you in debt, then throw you into hard ones which your small brain is unable to comprehend so you get kicked out. I am attending CTU and having no problems except dealing with people who can't spell their own name, let alone use APA format. Stop complaining. You knew what you got into, you're just not intelligent enough to realize what happened, that is no reason to put out a scam report on them.
    Yes, the enrolling methods are strange, they lie, and cheat, and talk their way into your brain. They are SCHOOLED to do this. That is what they are there for, just like that brand new coffee machine on the TV for 19.99. Get your damn head on straight and try attending a community college first to see if you can even MAKE it in college.

    Sorry, but the "they stole from me" [censor] just has to stop. You people just didn't work hard enough, and are blaming CTU.

    Do you get a diploma?

    If you didn't, do you think so many people would be going, and that they would be accredited now?
    Again, answer is NO! Duh.

    I'm 21, and I have a 3.71GPA at this school, I have been attending since January 2010. Stop [censor]ing. Get a clue, they aren't out to steal your money, the stuff you're learning can be used in other places, they are taking your money because you're paying to sit on your fat [censor] at home and eat your cornchips and go to school in your PJs.

    My god. Grow a brain people.

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  • De
      3rd of Oct, 2018

    @CTUannoyedStudent Maybe you need to grow a brain do you ever consider that people have children, illness and other things going on in their lives that may prevent them from going to college and that online may very well serve their purpose. You are 21, in considerate and don't know a thing about life. If you have the brains you think you have you would be more concern about how to get a solution rather than bad mouthing people reasons for attending school online. I went to CTU earn my degree and no I didn't sit in pajamas. I worked a full time job had children to attend to, so this worked well for me; did I have some issues with them yes I did were they fixed no they weren't, in closing keep your negative 21 year old; never lived life self out of others peoples business at your age you have no idea what people have or are going though if you can't help with a solution than you are the Problem.

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  • Jm
      27th of Oct, 2010

    Choosing CTU has not been a mistake in my book. You are provided the information and it is your decision to use it! I feel these people who are complaining just couldn't make it. The math is a _itch and when you are taking two classes this can be a problem, if you are not motivated.

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  • Is
      4th of Jan, 2011

    What you have is a product of private business. CTU is for-profit institution use to silent people. Hey, but that's business. What we're doing is paying for degrees to get a job. That in itself is frustrating. I've worked for them and if you're in a good space about your student experience-good for you. However as an insider.. it's down right brutal. It is a sweat shop. 90% of employees in the the financial aid department hate it there. I wish I could deviate from the truth to soothe you but it is what is. Do the numbers.. if it makes sense to you then great if it doesn't run fast before you regret it. I ran and I'm not promoting the middle East. It's more than advantageous to get multiple sides of the story.

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  • Is
      4th of Jan, 2011

    Also, be careful with term "accreditated" and do your research. Some programs offered by CTU are non transferrable. I know you guys are smart but entities like to be that much smarter. It's business when it's for profit and never forget it.

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  • Is
      4th of Jan, 2011

    "accredited< that is

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  • Ha
      27th of Aug, 2011

    I love CTU. I have had no problems with them at all. Then again I just started. I do admit the classes are a lot harder then Ashford( school I transfered from) but it just makes me feel like i earned the grade I recieved. For the people that complain about them not giving you the extra finanical aid when you want it, get over it your there to learn not to get paid. You want money go get a job.

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  • Ce
      31st of Aug, 2011

    CTU Truth:

    CTU is a degree mill.

    Pass this video along to other CTU past and current students via Facebook. It's time the word gets out regarding CTU deceiving business practices and acreditation issues. CEC the corporation that owns CTU is under Federal Investigation for many unlawful practices.

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  • Se
      25th of Apr, 2013

    I began the process of enrolling to CTU- online a couple of weeks ago. I'm a very impulsive and impatient person but I'd decided that I would not make that mistake when it came to my education. I'd begun doing extensive research about the school, and I was horrified by what I'd read from former and current students. It seems most of the issues are with financial aid which was a huge red flag for me. I'd figured that the negative feedback would stand out more so than the positive, however, the problem with that is there really was not much positive feedback in regards to CTU. What prompted me to withdraw from the school immediately was when I found myself filling out an agreement with CTU to take control of my financial aid. I unchecked nearly every box with the exception of two. It was rejected, even though it clearly states in the disclaimer that you are entitled to decline anything on the list. It was rejected not once, but twice. I'm not comfortable just blindly handing over money that I am borrowing from the Dept. of Education. I thought online schooling was right for me. I'm a military spouse, I do not exactly have the luxury of going to a traditional school between deployments and moving every couple of years. The financial aspect of for profit schools are completely unethical and it's disgusting that these businesses are taking advantage of military families and lower income folk who are already at a disadvantage. Please, if you are considering going to one of these schools, read EVERYTHING and do not hesitate to ask questions. Research the reputations of these schools and take your time when making a decision. I do hope you will reconsider, though. Seek out distance learning from your local community college or state university. You'll not only pay much, much less but you'll receive a more respected and quality education. Good luck.

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  • Dr
      7th of May, 2013

    Please note that I am a Doctor of Management who graduated from CTU in 2011. I have been fighting the school internally since 2010 due to their fraudulent business practices, online course manipulation (especially with the overwhelming online plagiarism in the Doctorate of Management program from 2010-2011). I have had current and former employees complain repeatedly to me about Career Education Corporation (the corporate CEC that owns CTU) as well as have had their own financial air representatives complain about the school. I have seen a former Dean, Dr. Joanne Preston (Dean of Management for the Doctorate program) wander around the campus drunk as well as have had numerous corroborations from employees and other graduates. The school finally told her to leave or be fired in the end of 2011. The plagiarism has allowed CTU's doctorate program to grow to almost 300 people, allowing (mainly foreign students) up to 100% of information to be copied into online forums which represent 30% of their course grades. I have fought this extensively internally, and now plan to make it fully public. Separately, the Electrical Engineering program (which I attended after I graduated with my Doctorate of Management) on campus has had numerous failings where they have been denying students resources to complete labs, manipulated tests by repeatedly giving the exams when entire classes were failing, provided direct answers online in advance of tests and then gave tests on those exact problems and answers, fraudulently took financial aid funds that should have been tied to student loans and tried to make me pay for them out of pocket, and had their Dean of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Kathy Kasely, flat out lie to students and manipulate test scores. This affects military personal, their spouses, VA VocRehab funded students, GI Bill students, and those receiving standard federal stafford loans (such as myself, although I am a service-disabled USAF veteran). I have already filed initial complaints with Congressman Doug Lamborn's office as well as the Goverment Accountability Offices recommended senate subcommittee HELP (health, Education, Labor & Pensions). I plan on moving forward with a local group of awareness called "CTU is not for you!", in an attempt to let military personnel as well as local residents in Colorado Springs become aware of what this for-profit university has been doing. BBB complaints regarding their financial aid practices are brushed off. Higher Learning Commission and ABET Accreditation complaints are in progress.

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  • De
      7th of Jul, 2013

    I have to agree with CTUannoyedstudent. You get what you put into it. I have never had any issues with CTU and I have been attending it for a year. You pay for the privilege of going to school from home. I have done college both ways and I find that online classes are much easier on my schedule than going to a traditional school. With those schools, you have to work your schedule around them and if you can't attend because you can't go when the class is offered, you are out of luck. CTU allows me to work a normal workday and still successfully attend college at night and on the weekends. Yes, you have to be a self-starter and yes, you have to be disciplined to attend online school. No one is going to be up your butt to make sure you attend class and are doing the work. I really feel that CTU does need to start using actual entrance requirements though. This should stop all of these [censored] posts. When you allow just anyone to attend college, you are going to get people that need to be removed from the gene pool

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