CSC Logic, Inc. / title or lien release on paid off car never received

My wife bought a car in the state of WV 12/2009. She paid by check, in person every month on time. Never a missed a payment or late. At some point the contract was sold to CSC logic who informed her by mail they would get the payments.

She paid the contract off on time, 4/2015 and requested the title. Silence. Over the next 10 months she touched base to request title - each time - silence. When she asked, they said there is no phone number, mailing address, or external email for the 'title department'.

However, late 2013 we married and when she called, while the contract was active, the mythical title department sent a WV title with lien holder to which PA was able to generate an electronic title and register the car. So there is someone, somewhere that knows how to fix this.

Reading online, I am finding hundred of complaints. I am distressed that I am finding many complaints of this SAME EXACT problem. It is now 10+ months for us, with no response. They say the title is coming, but it does not. In fact, she overpaid her obligation and they said they issued a $23 refund, which we never got EITHER.

I have contacted the PA DMV, PA dept of banking, the BBB and the Texas AG (awaiting response). Has anyone who has ever dealt with them ever got ANY satisfaction or resolution? The car is essentially sold, but we cannot complete the transaction without the lien release and fear we may lose the patient buyer.

Any ideas?

Feb 22, 2016

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