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My auto loan was sold by SunTrust to BB&T. I had had no problems with SunTrust and I've had a mortgage with BB&T and had no problem with them, however, BB&T chose to sub this loan out to a company called CSC Logic and this is where the insanity started.

They (CSC) didn't even notify me that they had acquired the loan until after the payment for December had passed. So their first communication to me was that I was past due. They dated their letter to me Dec 19th, but the postmark shows it wasn't mailed for 10 days (yet they argue that they notified me on the 19th?). Within 2 days of getting the letter I had replied and sent them ACH information to draft the payment and move forward. They continued (and still are continuing) to call me for collections because their own business processes are too inept to get anything processed.

I've informed them repeatedly that they have my payment information on the paper form I mailed in, which they finally admitted that they had, but they keep calling and pressuring me to try to get a Debit Card number. It feels really fishy and scammy, and I've found that they aren't even registered with the BBB (probably because then theyd have to actually deal with complaints.

Their website is garbage and straight out of 1998, and if you google the company, the first full page of results are complaints.
If you can get away from or avoid this steaming pile of a company, please do! I'm still trying to get away from their incessant stupidity.

Jan 20, 2015
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  • Ja
      Apr 15, 2015

    My Auto Loan was sold to CSC and I am already not happy. I find it Really bogus that we cannot do online payments without having it directly withdrawn from my account. now I am forced to pay an additional $15 just to pay my loan. why should i pay more for this place (csc) not being able to have on line payments. lets just say they will not have my loan for long.

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