Crossmark / Unethical bullies!

Orlando, FL, United States

This is the most unorganized company I have ever worked for! They have no respetc for their employees and let them get bullied and abused by their clients! They expetc you to give 200% but give you nothing but a paycheck in return.And they complain if you ask to be paid for all the work you do, most people do more work than they report to keep management off their backs and to keep a job! They are hiring new recruits for $1.5 an hour more then the supervisors make to start off. How insulting!!! No raises, vacation, sick time etc. and what ever you do don't call out sick or you won't have work for a month as punishment!
They speak to you as if your dirt beneath their feet and HR won't even call you back when there is a serious problem with a supervisor.They will fire you to get rid of the problem first.
If you can find work elsewhere do so you don't want to work for these blood suckers!

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