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Crete Carrier Corporation / Money scam

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My husband and I drive an 18 wheeler truck for a living. In March of 2005 we were sitting still waiting in line to enter the Ag station in California on I80. A driver for CCC did not see everyone was stopped and her rear-ended us which pushed our truck into the trailer of the truck in front of us. We did not receive any life threatening injuries, but were stuck in Truckee CA looking for a way home to TX. We were also out of work 3 months as we received treatment for our injuries. We received workers com, but that is only 2-3 of a person's pay.

My complaint: CCC to this day will not settle our claim until we sign a paper stating that it was not the fault of their driver. The police report clearly states that it was his fault. We would love to have our settlement money but don't want to fall for their ridiculous way of getting out of their responsibilities.

I feel dearly for anyone who is dealing with an accident with a trucking company because I know what you are going through. It has been a holy nightmare. These trucking companies are self-insured and it is near impossible to get a penny out of them. There is no such thing as a non biased third party who can settle anything between the two.

We have discovered that there is not a lawyer who will take a case unless it will produce big money for them. If it is a small amount, they will all turn you down. You are not worth their trouble.

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  • Ji
      5th of May, 2011
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    I hit an unmarked underpass in Newark and my company was even more ignorant than that. The company should rename itself Pinochio deaf dumb and blind trucking inc. Cops even said ``this underpass is a hazard, deceptive and should have been raised long ago. Big truck companies should be continuosly monitored by Govt and IRS They are liars which means they are theives which means if need be they are killers. I hope and pray legitamate unions not the thugs take a bite out of their butt. They need to bo put in check. look into unionized trucking and do your part to make the unions lean mean and honest. The American working man and woman deserves nothing less.

  • Dr
      13th of Jul, 2011
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    Not sure if the unions can help.They have sat back and let all the changes happen.DOT is getting way out of hand.If a DOT officer stops you for any reason, and you receive no tickets, you still get points on your DAC Report! Imagine that one. All they have to do is assume you were speeding, and you get points, which ultimately reflect your driving record and your truck or vehicle insurance.Big companies do not care either.They all sat down and decided to pass the buck to the driver, who will end up paying the fine for anything you are cited for.Keep driving for nothing.The big companies are showing more profits than ever.Look around you and see whats happening in the trucking industry.It is a low paying job anymore.People from other countries are taking these jobs because it is better then where they came from.Most of them have no house, no car, no kids, and no bills, and will work for 27 cents a mile.Trucking companies average$3.00-$3.50 a mile on every load.Look up the national average.Im sure you dont believe it.But its true.Do owner operators make $3.00 a mile? Of course not!!! Its time to stop, look, and listen to what your doing.Your going nowhere out there! Walmart greeters pay 7-8 dollars an hour.Your in that truck for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 1 maybe 2 or even 4 weeks at a time.70 hrs times 7 bucks an hour=490.00 a week.Then your overtime at 3.50 an hour x 30 hours overtime =105.00 Add that to 490.00= $595.00.Take away for taxes you will have about $450.00 left over, your home evry day, showering everyday, watching TV, being with your family, and not being lied to, ripped off, stressed out about your next 300 mile load, and you did it all by smiling at everyone who walks through the front door at walmart!! I think we should all apply at walmart. Forgot to mention that you get 10% off your purchases when your employed at walmart, and you can buy stock there.I think that they should build one on every corner. Give walmart an applause!!!

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