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Crete Carrier - Marietta, GA (terminal)

Where do I start? I am very angry on how my fiancé is being treated at this company. When he talks to someone in management about what is going on and no actions are being taking care of. He has caught hell ever since he has been back (Unlawful workplace discrimination). First and foremost, this terminal has lied so many times. How do I know? I am on the phone every time he holds a conversation with them. So yes, I hear everything being said. Today was just the last straw because I do not feel like things are being handled or said in a professional way at all. Yall are business and supposed to be business and professional at all times right. Lies, my fiancé truck was put down around 01/09/2024-01/10/2024. They gave him the option to get a recovery truck and he turned it down due to health reasons. They told him they would get back to him about the next decision on a truck. So, they paid for him to stay in a hotel. They never called him back about any other options on a truck at all. Then calls him to tell him since he turned down the loner truck, the day cab and the recovery truck that he would not be paid after that day. STOP! No one ever gave him an option for a loner truck. So, he was lied on. Rushed him to get the loner truck that was not even ready when he got there. They had to send it to Kenworth to get fixed. Why did no one communicate this through professionally. Then, tried to have him drive six hours away to get a truck parked at a gas station, when his truck is already ready back in Marrietta, Ga. Yall told him y'all would call him back and never did because y'all mad because he refused to put himself in danger or on a blank mission again. Company tells you do not put yourself at risk driving in bad weather but got mad because he refused to drive in the snow to get a truck. Literally watching trucks and cars sliding on the road. His food has gone bad in his truck and is told he will not be compensated for it. So, he just supposed to go hungry. Then tells him they will not compensate for the miles driven back to the terminal in Marrietta, Ga because they are mad because he refused to go and get the other truck (that's again in a dangerous weather like snow) where he could possibly get stuck again missing out on money. But y'all never called him back with any information the whole day. Yall have been holding things over his head since he has come back. Things that was not his fault and that should have never been brought up especially since he left and came back and got rehired back on as a new employee at that and from my understanding, if a company is holding old write-ups over an employee’s head, it could be considered a form of retaliation. According to the National Labor Relations Act and a variety of statutes overseen by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employers are prohibited from engaging in such practices. Yall told him he could not be a trainer at this time until his write up falls off. When asked y'all said he has to wait a year for it to fall off. Let me get this correct a year right so why are y'all bringing things up that happened three or four years agon and he was hired back on as a new employee. Then y'all put him on the phone with a manager who they he got into it with years ago so of course he is not going to do anything professionally and he never even listened to him at all or what he had to said and again I was on the phone and listened to how he threw old things up in his face, unprofessional at its best. I had to get this out there because action needs to be taken place. I thought this was a business I could work with, and I have changed my mind, it is sad how we talk to other drivers who have also complained about Marrietta, Ga and nothing is being done.

Claimed loss: Food

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