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3:07 am EDT
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I told them about my experience at freedom and they promised me it would never happen again but that was not True by any means they got me to sign up with them after I lost 5000 with freedom and told them that they had called the cops on me because I arrived 15 minutes late there was not one stitch of alcohol in my cooler they promised that would never...

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4:45 pm EST
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Carefree Boat Club Hiring/Employment discrimination

This happened early this summer when I was attempting to gain employment working for Carefree Boat Club. I knew two of the current employees at this particular location and another that no longer worked there. One of the two that were still employed was the Dock Master at the Occoquan, VA location and what I thought was a friend of mine for 15 + years. The other employee is someone I met down at the marina while fishing. The problem came when I tried to talk to, Tony Prisco, who was the Dock Master and the person I had to go through for hiring. Tony would smile in my face and tell me that the job wasn't ready yet and other suck excuses.. Well upon talking to the other employee whose name I will not mention for his sake, he told me why Tony was not being up front with me and that he was talking bad behind my back. Tony decided to say that I would potentially sell drugs (never have in my life) and that I had mental problems (don't have that problem either and have nothing against anyone who might). Tony also decided to tell this person that he should not hang out with me and that I was no good. This is not right at all when I am simply a grown man looking for a job to take care of myself and my family. The same person who Tony told all of these things has stuck up for me and been on my side because he knows I am not any of these negative things, and he also pointed out that Tony spends most of his time with a registered sex violent sex offender, yet wants to try to bring me down for god knows what? I am a down to earth person and would give anyone the shirt off of my back if it meant it would make them feel better or whatever. This whole situation has really touched a nerve and just needs to be addressed. If I wasn't hired for regular common reasons, I could understand, but to belittle me and defame me, well, that is a little too much. Just so we all know, this is the Occoquan, VA Carefree Boat Club. Thank you all for reading.

-Just a human

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, US
Nov 22, 2011 10:16 pm EST

Carefree boat club is a rip-off, owners Robert Chamberlain and Tom Benaitis are writing bad checks all around Clear Lake Texas, don't join!

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Carefree Boat Club reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 24, 2014. The latest review I was a client and i'm sad to say so I regret every minute was posted on Sep 13, 2023. Carefree Boat Club has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 2 reviews. Carefree Boat Club has resolved 0 complaints.
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    (866) 262-8322
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    Gangplank Marina, 600 Water Street, SW, Washington, 20024
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