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CPI Corp. / Unlawful treatment of employees

1 300 Oak Tree LnRedmond, OR, United States Review updated:
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I am a former employee of the Picture Me Portrait Studio in Redmond Oregon. CPI Corporation is THE WORST company to work for. They over charge customers AND associates for the portraits and CD's. My District Manager had me shoot her family session, then had me burn her a disk FOR FREE, AND lied to Corporate about doing so. Wendy also had a family schedule an appointment in my studio, had ME shoot the session and GIVE them FREE pictures so that SHE could get a free tattoo. I didn't mind, of course, because I ALSO got a free tattoo. But then she let me take my scheduled "Paid Vacation", then fired me the minute I got back. But get this, I got fired for... Steeling! That's right...! I also paid the company $400 for the 2 disks that I burnt upon leaving. I PURCHASED a 16x20 for a friend that had come in for pictures, which was then sent back to the company. Where is the money I paid for that picture, you ask? THE COMPANY HAS IT!!! Oh yeah, that "PAID VACATION" I took in order to take my 9 year old son to see the family of his recently DECEASED Father... Was not paid at all. My "BOSS" led me to believe that all was fine and well. Told me to have a good visit on my way out. Did you know that it costs the MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY 25 cents to make those precious CD'S????? They charged me $400 for TWO of them. But don't worry they only charge YOU $225 for one. WORTH IT RIGHT? I am further taking legal action into my own hands. CPI Corp. STOLE from me...! My DM lied to them about HER misconducts, but fired me over the same crap.

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      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I am a former Employee also, My last day was Feb 22nd last month. I worked in NY at a picture me studio and I was there for a year i worked my tail off around Christmas season and i started in July which was three days a week, well after Christmas, a month later they dropped me to 2 days a week due to not enough business and then here in Feb they dropped me to one day a week! how is any family suppose to live on that! they first threat-ed to fire me if i couldn't get my ticket average up which all this time i never even had a written warning it isn't my fault no one wanted to get pictures done around tax time, People are struggling with bills and buying others things what day of age were in. My manger was only 10 dollars above me and he was getting 37 hrs a week talk about unfair this is the worse job ever and to drop my hrs like that, i never came back after lunch break because i was treated to be terminated that day if i couldn't pull in 100 dollars that day which i did and my sales goal was only 35 dollars i tripled it my manger said if you bring up your sales average i will give you your hours back now that's wrong i would see if i did a incriminating act? how is one day suppose to make a sales diff too? so what i would of had two days a week wowwwww! and district manger wanted to send me to another studio which was way out of the way . they oky doked me

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      24th of Jul, 2011
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    CPI Corporation - Incompetent RD's
    CPI Corp
    United States

    The two worst Rd's in CPI corporation history have finally met their fate! They were both fired! Thank God for small favor! ( Fred Waniska and William (Bill) Raynore . Hey it's wasn't personal, just business! Go figure! These two RD's unfortunately were given Regional Director positions and what a huge mistake this proved to be by CPI! Bill by far was the worst of the two didn't have a clue on how to run a region in the photography industry. He managed to "bull ###" his way thru regional and corporate sale meeting for 5 years before they realized he was worstless as a regional. While Fred, on the other hand knew his business, but just didn't give a dam. You wonder how a company of this magnitude failed to realize this after so many years.

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      4th of Oct, 2012
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    I am a current former employee of a Sears Portrait Studio in Indiana. Figure that one out. I have been on "flex" for a month. Been told to call everyday but when I do I get no one to answer or lied to and told my manager isn't there. She doesn't return my calls nor will she talk to me. She is now telling other employees that I am no longer working there but hasn't told me this. She has done this to many employees and they all gave up and quit calling. I on the other hand refuse to give up!! I am contacting a lawyer and will be suing them ASAP!!! She is only doing this because my children have disabilities and it pissed her off that I might need time off here or there for doctors visits. She had the audacity to ask me when she found out about my daughter's neurological disorders, how it would affect her and if she should hire someone else because I would be to busy to work now. She even has the nerve to tell me that my daughter is fine because she looks normal to her. WOW really now CPI is handing out doctorate's out to their managerial staff. She never once asked how my daughter's health was or if she would be okay. I can't believe how this company treats people and lets their staff treat people. Heaven forbid you get pregnant while working for them also. I was laid off an entire Christmas season just for getting pregnant at what she called the wrong time! Can you believe this lady! Please if you are considering working for this company don't!!! RUN FAST! Far far away from them!!!

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