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Hello, My name is [removed] , And I am writing this complaint regarding unauthorized connection from Cox compan's side. When I moved to the new apartment in Alexandria, Virginia, the coomunity sales representativetold me that they offer disscount to cenect to cos internet and tv services. I called them as i moved in and they immediately took my info by phone, created me some account, but the service itself was never set up because of some technical problems by their side. I did not have any time to schedule a technical visit that is why i said ok, no need, will try other options for my internet.All this happened in august 2015. Allwas good till this year in February, they somehow connected miraculously internet service without my aprove or authority and charged me with a bill of $110. I called them, exolained situation, that i did not ask their service to be provided and i am nit usig the internet and do not live even to that address anymore. They said that i should pay and that is all. I paid cause i do not like to have debt related to my name, and asked to suspend that service and to not charge me anymore again but they are still charging me for no reason. I just want not to charged anymore forecsome services i am not using and i did not use before or ever and if it is possible to void that bill related to my name and to receive my money back cause i paid a service that i did not use just to have no debts! Please help me if you can. Thank you in advance!
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May 02, 2017

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