Couriers Please / lost product

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Sonia Reid
33 Parkinson Road
Morrisons 3334
total amount $219.34

Endless Pools and Spa

Our customer order products online, paid for them and we boxed them up and sent them off using your courier service. After several phone calls I have no been advised that the parcel is lost. I understand these things can happen, but it is appalling that it has.
My issue is that you except us to pay $100 excess for an insurance claim that is something you should be raising and paying for. Having the customer pay takes away any responsibility from your drivers and or warehouse employees. We are making the claim through you and you are making through your insurance company. Your company lost the parcel so your company needs to cover the excess. It is absolutely ridiciuous that you expect the customer to pay for your mistake.
I have contacted the Unbudsman regarding this matter, not the one you have on your webiste, as we have no issue with your insurance company, our issue is with you and this fraudulent patience you have.

We want the full about credited back to us as this is your mistake, this is your staffs incompitence. Not ours or our customer.

Thank you
Endless Pools and Spas

Mar 07, 2017

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