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[Resolved] Country Club In Dubai / fraudulent and cheating club in dubai

1; 555, DubaiDubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact information:
Phone: 00971505276332

I Rahman Khan holder of Indian Passport No L 9731176, would like to state that there is cheating by the above mentioned Club.

I have following facts below mentioned which will clarify that even after paying partial membership as requested by their executive, I was not availed of the vacation. The facts are as follows:-
1. I visited Country Club Dubai office in Madina Mall (Muhasinah) in October 2014, on receiving a call from them and having trusted their plan of vacation and became member on October 2014 by paying Dhs. 15, 000 through my credit card of NAJM.
2. There terms were total membership Dhs. 45, 000 divided into 3 years that is Dhs. 15, 000 each year.
3. Logically or legally I became a member of Country Club Dubai. I was offered Land in Ratnagiri which is a part of free offer from Country Club Dubai.
4. I was verbally told that the services would be the best and if I was not satisfied, they would refund the membership.
5. On 26th October 2014, I sent them a email to Country Club that I wanted to Book a holiday for their resort in Bandipur (Karnataka), India from 14th to 16th November 2014 and 5th to 7th December 2014 as discussed by their executive during availing the membership.
6. According to their availability the 1st booking dates were not available. So I confirmed them my Second booking (5th to 7th December 2014) on 18th November 2014, after which there was no response from their part. I constantly requested to provide me the contact Number of the incharge but it was of no use. (Can refer my mails sent to them) I kept on communicated with them until 18th of November.
7. I clearly mentioned that I am going to cancel my membership on my email dated 14th November 2014.
8. On reaching back to dubai I visited their office and asked for refund as I got suspicious of their intention.
9. After long communication with them in Dubai, Mr. Bashir as asked me to give me a letter of request for refund. On submission for which they asked me to go to their head office and submit, which no one accepted to receive, and Mr. Unni denied to take this letter, so forcefully I had to send it through email, fax and through P.O.Box. (Registered letter) to them.
10. On receiving the email I received the reply from them stating to me that as per contract I am entitled for holiday only after full payment of membership. Which was not mentioned to be as well as I didn’t even receive my original nor copy of my Contract on my several phone calls and my last reminder through my email on 10th March 2015, I receive a attachments of my contract on 11th March 2015. The fact is that for 3 years I am not availed of any booking until full payment of membership.
11. I feel cheated and let down after seeing this email and even they broke my trust.
12. If Country Club had this intention not to avail me of vacation then why did they misrepresent by communicating about the booking till 18th November 2014,
13. I want the Public in general to know about Country Club in Dubai about their intention, so that they are not cheated in the future.
14. I request you to print this letter in your news paper and make it known to General Public.
15. On approaching country club that my financial situation is bad due to losing my job, I was given 3 options (Copy attached) even after accepting that their service is bad, which was accepted in meeting with their customer care Manager Mr. Saifullah.
16. I told country club that I want my refund and no more excuses.
I humble request you to print this letter and save the hard earns of the General Public.


Yours faithfully

Rahman Khan N.A.K

Note: Regarding the attachment i can provide all the mails to you as they are more than 25 mails transaction and even i have there recordings also.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Dear Mr. Khan,
    Country Club is celebrating 25 glorious years of finest clubbing, holiday, fitness and entertainment services in India and beyond – the first and the only hospitality group to achieve this feat in India. In the last 25 years, we have evolved from a single social clubbing entity in Hyderabad into largest chain of wholesome hospitality hubs in India and beyond. Today, our massive network includes over 55 ownership properties, 25 member exclusive fitness centers and over 4000 worldwide hospitality associates. Rest assured we work under the required guide lines of the UAE law. Kindly contact us on 043170714 or mail us at

    Thanks and Regards
    Team CCD

  • Dear Mr. Khan,
    With over a million members worldwide we at Country Club take a lot of pride in customer satisfaction, we regret the inconvenience caused to you and hope to resolve all your issues at the earliest. Kindly contact the Customer care Department at 043170714 or send us a mail at to address your issues at the earlies
    Thanks and Regards
    Team CCD

Jul 4, 2015

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